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Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Students in other colleges may elect, with the approval of their department chair, an IST minor in the College of Education and Professional Studies. A 2.0 GPA is required for the courses applied toward the minor. Students must complete at least 50% of the courses counted towards the IST minor at the University of South Alabama.  The minor consists of 18 credit hours, comprised of 4 upper-division courses (12 hours) and 2 electives (6 hours).

Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies Credit Hours
Required Courses  
IST 302  Interdisciplinary and Critical Thinking  
IST 320  Cultural Competency  
IST 495  Professional Leadership & Teamwork  
IST  310  Global Leadership OR IST 420 Community Development and Leadership  
Elective Courses  
IST 125 Professional Conduct; or IST 201 Seasons of Life; or IST 305 Issues in Human Sciences; or ISt 310 Global leadership; or IST 315 Women's Issues in the Workplace & Community; or IST 401 Adults in Society; or IST 420 Community Development and Leadership; or IST 425 Workplace Learning & Development  
Department of Integrative Studies Staff (251) 460-6263
Chair Dr. Paige Vitulli
Academic Advisor
Diane F. Harvey
Academic Advisor Pamela James
Secretary Vallarie Hernandez

Department of Integrative Studies website

The Department of Integrative Studies (INGS) includes the Educational Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies programs. Faculty are professionals from various backgrounds including business, political science, instructional design, teacher education, interdisciplinary studies, community counseling, educational research, and child development.  

The Educational Studies degree prepares individuals to work with children, adolescents and adults in a wide variety of non-traditional educational settings, such as education departments of museums, zoos, hospitals, places of worship, mental health facilities, non-profit organizations, and more, where teacher certification is not required.

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a customizable program which can be taken fully online, offering a BA or BS which builds skills in communication, cultural competency, analytical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. Diversity is valued among learners and emphasis is on the importance of becoming an active leader, effective team member, and engaged global citizen.

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IST) degree is designed to give students a variety of options in earning a Bachelor’s degree tailored to meet their needs and interests.  The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IST) offers a fully on-line degree.