University Bulletin 2017-2018

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Minor in Composite Science

If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Composite Science Minor Credit Hours
Requirements 24
Choose three laboratory science sequences:  
a. BLY 101/BLY 102L and BLY 102/BLY 102L or BLY 121/BLY 121L and BLY 122/BLY 122L  
b. CH 131/CH 131L and CH 132/CH 132L  
c. GEO 101/GEO 101L and GEO 102/GEO 102L  
d. GY 111/GY111L and GY 112/GY 112L  
e. PH 114/PH 114L and PH 115/PH 115L or PH 201/PH 201L and PH 202/PH 202L  
Students cannot choose a laboratory sequence in their major.  
Geology majors are required to take a Physics laboratory sequence.