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Minor in Related Science

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If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

To declare the Composite Science minor, talk to your academic advisor or visit the Arts and Sciences  Student Academic Services Center in Alpha Hall South, room 345.

Related Sciences Minor

The Related Sciences minor offers two tracks: a Medical/Molecular Sciences track, and an Ecosystems Sciences track. Students must choose one track: consult with your Academic Advisor about the best choice for your major and career. The Medical/Molecular Science Track is designed for students seeking to enhance their preparation in organic and biochemistry, such as pre-med students. The Ecosystems/Evolution Track emphasizes the study of terrestrial ecosystems.

Related Sciences Minor: Medical/Molecular Science Track
A student must take 22 semester hours as follows:
CH 131/CH 131L  General Chemistry I
CH 132/CH 132L  General Chemistry II
CH 201/CH 201L  Organic Chemistry I
CH 202/CH 202L  Organic Chemistry II
CH 440           Biochemistry I
CH 441           Biochemistry II
Related Sciences Minor: Ecosystems Sciences Track
A student must take GY 111/111L, GY 112/112L and four additional courses from
the following list (total: 20-23 semester hours)
GIT 460         Introduction GIT
GIT 461         GIT Applications II
GY 310          Environmental Earth Science
GY 306          Sedimentology (W)
GEO 332       Remote sensing I
GEO 443       Climatology (W)
MET 357       Meteorological Instrumentation
GY 425          Hydrology
GEO 410       Biogeography
ST 340          Design-Analysis of Experiments
ST 345          Sampling-Survey Techniques