University Bulletin 2022-23

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Jewish and Holocaust Studies

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Jewish and Holocaust Studies (251) 460-6867
Director David A. Meola 

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The minor in Jewish and Holocaust Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering students the opportunity to gain exposure to the various fields within Jewish and Holocaust Studies. Students will acquire knowledge about Jewish religion and Jewish history, including that of the Holocaust. They will also be introduced to different methodologies and how the study of Jewish life is impacted within different disciplines. This minor will help prepare students for graduate programs in different fields related to Jewish and Holocaust Studies, and also for work in public and private sectors.

Jewish & Holocaust Studies deepens students' understanding of areas of study such as historical/cultural constructions of the “Other” and the relationship of minority groups to their host societies. It will also explore constructs of “Jewishness”—in both positive and negative ways—and that of anti-minority sentiment, including historical and present-day Antisemitism. Moreover, students will also learn about the demonization of “Others” and the all-too-frequent prevalent of ethnic violence and genocide, including the Holocaust. The Jewish & Holocaust Studies Program encourages students to become actively engaged in research about the Jewish people and other minority groups, how one can have a career in this field, and provides numerous opportunities for students to interact with faculty members to discuss their current research.

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