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Minor in Jewish and Holocaust Studies

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If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Core Requirements

  1. Students minoring in Jewish & Holocaust Studies must complete a total of 18 semester hours in approved courses.
  2. Approved Variable and Special Topics Courses that focus on Jewish & Holocaust studies can also be taken to complete the 18 semester hour requirement. For information on upcoming variable and special topics courses, consult the Director.
  3. Complete all three core courses (JHS 101, REL 200, & HY 347) listed below.
  4. Three electives from the following list, excluding the core courses. Please note that most electives do need Director Approval before credit will be given.
  5. Students must take at least one upper division course outside of their major discipline, and courses must be approved by the director, who will evaluate the course content for consideration within the Jewish and Holocaust Studies minor.
  6. As part of the minor, students may count HY101/102 or HY135/136 for only one of their three electives, with director permission. Students must take at least two upper-level (300-level and higher) courses (6 credit hours) as part of their electives.

JHS Courses Course Title
Core Courses
JHS 101 Introduction to Jewish & Holocaust Studies
HY 347 History of the Holocaust
REL 200 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Electives that do not need Director Approval
JHS 390 Special Topics
HY 348 Hitler and Nazi Germany
HY 382 (W) Jewish and Modern American Culture
JHS 390 Special Topics in Jewish & Holocaust Studies
JHS 494 Directed Studies in Jewish & Holocaust Studies
Electives that do need Director Approval
HY 101 or HY 102 Western Civilization survey
AN 290 Anthropological Perspectives on Food and Culture
CA 343 Film History
CA 344 Film and TV Genres
EH 476 Studies in 20th Century Literature
HY 135 or HY 136 American History surveys
HY 335 History of Modern France
HY 336 Central European History from Luther to Bismarck
HY 337 History of Eastern Europe
HY 338 History of Russia
HY 351 Medieval Civilization, 950-1300
HY 354 Ancient Regime Europe
HY 356 European Civilization, 1815-1918
HY 365 Islamic Civilization from 1453
HY 373 (REL 373) Religion in American History
HY 437 Modern US II since 1945
HY 390/490 Special Topics
HY 401 Colloquium in History
HY 494 Directed Studies
HY 496 Internship
IS 393 Study Abroad
LG 390 Special Topics
LG 362 German Culture-Literature of the 19th Century
LG 363 Modern-Contemporary German Culture and Literature
LG 390 Special Topics
LG 494 Directed Studies
MUM 390 Special Topics
PHL 352 (REL 352/SY 352) World Religions
PSC 340 Race, Gender, and Politics
PSC 365 Middle East Politics
PSC 389 (IS 389) Leadership and World Leaders
REL 242 (PHL 242) Western Philosophy-Medieval
REL 390 Special Topics
REL 420 (SY 420) Sociology of Religions
SY 445 Majority-Minority Relations
For a description of these courses, please refer to the appropriate departments. For further information about the program contact Dr. David A. Meola, Director of Jewish & Holocaust Studies, Department of History, HUMB 344, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002. Phone (251) 460-6867; FAX: (251) 460-6750; E-mail address:

Jewish and Holocaust Studies (251) 460-6867
Director David A. Meola 

Program in Jewish & Holocaust Studies website

The minor in Jewish and Holocaust Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering students the opportunity to gain exposure to the various fields within Jewish and Holocaust Studies. Students will acquire knowledge about Jewish religion and Jewish history, including that of the Holocaust. They will also be introduced to different methodologies and how the study of Jewish life is impacted within different disciplines. This minor will help prepare students for graduate programs in different fields related to Jewish and Holocaust Studies, and also for work in public and private sectors.

Jewish & Holocaust Studies deepens students' understanding of areas of study such as historical/cultural constructions of the “Other” and the relationship of minority groups to their host societies. It will also explore constructs of “Jewishness”—in both positive and negative ways—and that of anti-minority sentiment, including historical and present-day Antisemitism. Moreover, students will also learn about the demonization of “Others” and the all-too-frequent prevalent of ethnic violence and genocide, including the Holocaust. The Jewish & Holocaust Studies Program encourages students to become actively engaged in research about the Jewish people and other minority groups, how one can have a career in this field, and provides numerous opportunities for students to interact with faculty members to discuss their current research.