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Mathematics (MS) - Thesis Option


Mathematics (Thesis Option)
A minimum of 32 semester hours of course work including MA 535, MA 536 and MA 599.
In addition to MA 535 and MA 536, at least one two-course sequence must be completed.
Complete a thesis. A maximum of six semester hours of credit will be granted for the thesis. A student may not enroll in MA 599 (Thesis) until a thesis prospectus has been approved by the Graduate Coordinator and the Director of Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Complete a comprehensive examination covering a collection of course work specified by the Graduate Coordinator.
Complete MA 592 (Seminar) during at least two semesters.
MA 501, MA 502, MA 503, MA 504, MA 505, MA 506 do not satisfy degree requirements.

Policies And Procedures

The document "Department Policies and Procedures for the MS Degree Program in Mathematics" is posted on the departmental web site. It contains details concerning advising, the comprehensive examination, graduate assistant duties, student meetings and colloquia.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics web site

Developmental Studies

The courses and academic support through an on-demand tutoring center offered by the developmental studies in mathematics provide students with the opportunity to strengthen the basic mathematical skills necessary to progress to college-level mathematics courses.

Credits earned in courses with a DS prefix do not meet degree requirements within the University. The credits earned do carry institutional, non-degree credit and allow students to qualify for financial aid. Grades earned are computed into the overall GPA in most colleges and hours are counted toward classification (sophomore, etc.). Credits earned in courses with a MTH prefix count as free electives.

Math Lab Information
The Math Technology Lab is located in ASC 1301.

•   137 computer workstations with Internet access
•   Separate testing area and private tutoring rooms
•   Study room for one-on-one or group tutoring
•   Tutors and instructors available during all operating hours to assist students

Undergraduate Studies

The purpose of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to provide a well-rounded program for students majoring in the mathematical sciences and to fulfill the mathematical science needs of students in other fields of study. To this end, the department emphasizes excellence in teaching, and encourages the professional growth of its faculty through study, research, and consulting.
The Department offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Statistics. We also offer a minor in mathematics and a minor in applied statistics. Students pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Statistics also must have a minor in another discipline.

All first-time freshmen must successfully complete CAS 100: First Year Experience as a degree requirement. Students must enroll during their first term at USA, except for summer-entry students who must enroll in the fall semester following entry. ST 335 will fulfill the technology proficiency requirement.

Where to Begin in the Mathematics Courses

Students must begin at the proper level and in the proper track in mathematics. Students who lack college level credit in mathematics should take the placement exam at least 48 hours prior to registering for a mathematics course. Students must call (251) 460-6264 to register to take the test. Times and days of the test are available at the department website.

Graduate Studies

A Master of Science degree in Mathematics is offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The program has been designed to meet the varied needs and goals of most students seeking advanced degrees in mathematics. The course of study accommodates students interested in traditional and modern mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Requirements for Admission

Students are admitted each semester. The following criteria supplement the Graduate School criteria (see Categories of Admission).

Regular Admission

  1. A bachelor's degree in mathematics or in a mathematics-related field from an accredited institution of higher education with a concentration of upper-level mathematics courses including a sequence in advanced calculus or real analysis.
  2. Submission of scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination. A minimum combined score of 297 (or 1000 on exam taken prior to July 2011 - good till July 2016) on the verbal and quantitative sections or a minimum score of 148 (or 600 on exam taken prior to July 2011 - good until July 2016) on the quantitative section (without regard to the score on the verbal section). An advanced degree or other standardized test score may be considered in lieu of a GRE score.

Provisional Admission

Applicants who do not meet all requirements for regular admission, but who do meet the Graduate School requirements for provisional admission, will be considered for provisional admission. Applicants must have an undergraduate major in mathematics or a closely related field with a concentration of upper-level mathematics courses. Applicants who are deficient in their undergraduate preparation may be denied admission or may be required to take undergraduate courses in the areas of deficiency without graduate credit in addition to the normal degree requirements listed below.

Non-Degree Admission

Applicants who do not meet all the conditions for provisional admission or who are not interested in earning a graduate degree may apply for non-degree admission. Adequate undergraduate preparation in mathematics which indicates a reasonable chance of success in graduate mathematics courses is required for non-degree admission. After admission, permission of the department graduate coordinator is required for each course taken. In cases where undergraduate preparation is inadequate for a particular graduate course, a plan of study including additional undergraduate courses can be worked out in consultation with the graduate coordinator.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students holding assistantships are usually assigned duties such as tutoring or supervising recitation sections in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Awards are normally made for the academic year, but positions occasionally become available during the year. An assistantship application can be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator in the department and online. Three letters of recommendation sent directly to the Graduate Coordinator are required. Graduate Assistants are required to enroll in MA 592 (Seminar) each semester.

Policies and Procedures

The document "Department Policies and Procedures for the MS Degree Program in Mathematics" is posted on the departmental web site. It contains details concerning advising, the comprehensive examination, graduate assistant duties, student meetings and colloquia.