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Minor in Museum Studies

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If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Core Requirements

  1. Twenty-one (21) credit hours in approved courses; nine (9) hours must be taken at the University of South Alabama.
  2. At least one (1) course must be taken in each of the three primary disciplines of anthropology, art history and history.
  3. MUM 201: Introduction to Museum Studies
  4. At least three (3) and no more than six (6) credit hours from AN 496: Anthropology Internship, ARH 360: Traineeship in Museum Work, HY 498: Internship in History.
  5. Two (2) of the following courses: AN 435 Museum Methods in Archaeology, AN 442: Cultural Resources Management, ARH 493: Methodology of Art History, HY 496: Introduction to Public History.

Core Courses Course Title
AN 313 New World Archaeology
AN 335 Field Work in Archaeology
AN 340 Native American Cultures
AN 347 Latin American Cultures and Societies
AN 440 Adv Archaeological Field Work
AN 442 Cultural Resources Management
Art History  
ARH 304 Ancient Greek Art and Architecture
ARH 306 Roman Art
ARH 324 Italian Early Renaissance
ARH 326 16th Century Italian Art
ARH 332 Baroque Art
ARH 335 Eighteenth-Century Art
ARH 340 Early Modern Art
ARH 344 Contemporary Art
ARH 345 American Art 1600=1940
ARH 348 Native American Art
ARH 480 Women in Art
EH 404 Grant Proposal Writing
HY 228 Latin America
HY 312 America in the 1960's
HY 432 Colonial America
HY 433 American Revolution
HY 435 Civil War and Reconstruction
HY 436 Modern US I, 1877-1945
HY 437 Modern US II, Since 1945
HY 477 Old South
HY 478 New South
HY 479 Modern South
Other periods and topics in all disciplines must be approved by the Museum Studies Committee and Director.
Museum Studies Staff (251) 460-6907
Co-Directors Dr. Philip J. Carr, Dr. Marsha Hamilton
Affiliates Dr. Kara Burns
Dr. Patrick Cesarini

Dr. Kern Jackson
Ms. Jennifer Knutson
Dr. Christina Lindeman
Dr. David Meola
Dr. Erin Nelson
Dr. Elizabeth Rivenbark
Dr. Jason Strickland
Dr. Lorraine Ahem

Museum Studies Program

Museums, institutions dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, study, and exhibition of works of artistic, historical, or scientific value, play an integral role in today's societies through the act of discovery and the preservation of knowledge of both the past and present. The Museum Studies Program, using an interdisciplinary approach (e.g. humanities, social sciences, visual arts), offers a minor that allows students to gain a firm understanding of the histories, theories and skills involved in museum work. The minor in Museum Studies provides basic preparation to enter the museum industry by introducing students to both the variety of roles played by museums in today's societies and the diversity of museum careers.

For additional information about the program, please contact Dr. Philip Carr, Museum Studies Program, Archaeology Museum, ARCM 107, 6052 USA Drive South, University of South Alabama 36688-0001. Phone (251) 460-6907; E-mail address; or Dr. Marsha Hamilton, Department of History, 5991 USA Drive North, Room 344, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL  36688-0001; e-mail address