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Minor in Native American Studies

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If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Core Requirements

  1. Students must complete at least 18 credit hours in approved courses, of which, at least 9 hours must be taken at this University.
  2. The courses must include at least one course from humanities and one from the social sciences.
  3. All students must take NAS 101: Introduction to Native American Studies.
  4. A minimum of nine hours must be at the course level 300 or above.

Core Courses Course Title
NAS 101 Introduction to Native American Studies
NAS 390 Directed Studies
NAS 496 Internship in Native American Studies
AN 340 Native American Cultures
ARH 390 Special Topics:  Modern and Contemporary Native American Art
EH 482 Special Topics:  Studies in Native American Literature:  Native American Fiction
EH 482 Special Topics:  Studies in Native American Literature:  Native American Short Stories
PHL/REL 390 Special Topics:  Native American Thought
Social Sciences  
AN 313 New World Archaeology
AN 340 Native American Cultures
AN 442 Cultural Resources Management
HY 290 Special Topics:  Native American History and Culture
PSC 490 Special Topics:  Native American Sovereignty
PSY 490 Special Topics:  Psychology of Native American Expression
Native American Studies Staff (251) 461-1948
Co-Directors Dr. Philip J. Carr
Affiliates Dr. Patrick Cesarini

Dr. Deidra Suwanee Dees
Dr. Sam Fisher
Dr. Kevin Meeker
Dr. Erin Nelson
Dr. Elizabeth Rivenbark
Dr. Phillip Smith

Native American Studies

The Native American Studies Minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the experience of the Indigenous people of North America through courses in the humanities and social sciences. Employing course work across various disciplines, the minor examines both historical and contemporary issues from the perspective of Native Americans.  The Native American Studies minor allows students to augment a wide range of majors, and position them for employment in government, education, and other areas by providing an increased understanding of the unique history, cultural traditions, and political status of Native Americans.  The field of Native American Studies works to demonstrate the relevance of the American Indian perspective to the contemporary economic, political, and social issues locally and around the world.

For a description of these courses, please refer to the appropriate departments. For further information about the program contact Dr. Philip Carr, Native American Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, HUMB21 University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002. Phone (251) 461-1948, E-mail address: