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Radiologic Sciences

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Department of Radiologic Sciences Administrative Staff (251) 445-9346
Chair Dale Smith
Medical Advisor Maria S. Figarola M.D.
Associate Professor  
Instructors Cleveland, Cooper, Curtis, Jalkh, Manning, Pohlmann, Smith
Teaching Technologists Davis, Blow

Department of Radiologic Sciences website

Programs offered:

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences

Since its inception in 1976, the Department of Radiologic Sciences has provided a quality educational program with a sustained emphasis upon graduating competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. In so doing, our graduates are prepared to practice their profession in the often complex and global society of the 21st century.

The baccalaureate program is designed to provide graduates with enhanced career opportunities in radiology as administrators, educators, and advanced imaging specialists. The curriculum provides a broad education in liberal arts and basic sciences and an in-depth study in radiologic sciences.

Educational opportunities in diagnostic imaging and advanced imaging modalities such as mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, vascular radiography, computed tomography, radiology administration, ultrasound, and radiation therapy are offered. Following completion of the pre-professional component and admission to the professional component of the program, students will study general radiography for three semesters. At the end of this first year in the professional component, students will select one of the following tracks to complete: general radiography to include one advanced imaging modality, ultrasound, or radiation therapy.

The general radiography track curriculum includes diagnostic radiology and either mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, vascular radiography, and/or radiology administration. Students completing didactic and clinical requirements in these tracks will be eligible to seek certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in radiography and the advanced modality studied (excluding radiology administration).

The other two baccalaureate tracks allow students completing the first year of general radiography curriculum to select either ultrasound or radiation therapy during their second year. Those who choose one of these tracks will not be eligible to seek ARRT certification in radiography, but will be eligible for ARRT certification in radiation therapy or ARRT and American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) certification as an ultrasonographer upon completion of didactic and clinical requirements.

Pre-professional component

Degree seeking students must complete the 56-63 semester hour pre-professional component prior to enrolling in professional component courses.

Professional component

The professional component (Typically, students' junior and senior years) consists of two years of academic and clinical study in Radiologic Sciences. The program is six semesters in length, including two summer terms. All candidates must have satisfied the pre-professional component to qualify for the degree-seeking professional component, but completion of that component does not guarantee admission to the professional component. Enrollment in the professional component is limited by the number of clinical positions available, which is equally true for the advanced modalities. During the professional component, students must be prepared to travel up to 90 miles from campus in order to participate in the clinical education component of the curriculum.

Program accreditation

The radiography and radiation therapy programs are accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, Illinois, 60706-3182. For more information go to

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Program

  1. Completion of all required pre-professional courses by the end of the summer semester prior to desired admission for Fall semester. Students are admitted to the professional component in the Fall semester only.
  2. Completion of a Department of Radiologic Sciences application, available at
  3. Acceptance to the University of South Alabama.
  4. Submit official college transcripts for all coursework not completed at the University of South Alabama. Transcripts are not required if the coursework has already been transferred to USA.
  5. Application deadline is May 1.
  6. Submit official ACT or SAT scores, regardless of previous educational background. If individual scores for Math, English and Natural Sciences on the ACT are below 18, it is strongly advised that the test be retaken. ACT or SAT scores must be submitted by the application deadline of May 1.
  7. Submission of three (3) completed personal reference forms by the application deadline. Reference forms are available at http:/
  8. Have a minimum cumulative  overall (USA and transfer) GPA of 2.0 ("C" average) on previously completed college-level courses, as well as at least a "C" in all math and Sciences courses. Transcripts must be submitted by the application deadline. 
  9. Students applying for admission to the professional component must complete four (4) hours of observation in a hospital Radiology department prior to reporting for the admission interview. Following submission of the departmental application, applicants may call the Department of Radiologic Sciences at (251) 445-9346 any time after  February 1st during the year in which they plan to apply, and schedule a hospital observation appointment. Observation form and instructions are available at
  10. Meet program technical/core performance standards. Core performance standards are fundamental tasks and skills that are required for successful completion of the program. They have been outlined and are available upon request and on the department website under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  11. Complete a brief writing assignment conducted on the day of interview.
  12. Complete a personal interview with members of the Radiologic Sciences Admissions Committee.
  13. Applicants will be screened on the basis of past educational performance and the potential for the number of openings available. Therefore, acceptance into the University does not guarantee admission into the program. Likewise, admission into the program does not guarantee a position in a particular track/modality for one's senior year.
  14. Student acceptance into the program is provisional pending completion of a drug screen and background check requirements as specified in the acceptance letter. Refusal to submit will result in nullification of acceptance into the program.
  15. Proof of medical insurance must be provided and maintained throughout the program following official notification of acceptance into the program. Due date will be specified in the acceptance letter.
  16. ARRT certified radiographers who have completed the pre-professional component and are seeking the baccalaureate degree may apply for admission into the second year (senior year) of the professional component.
  17. International students must score a minimum of 76 on the TOEFL exam to include the following minimum sub-scores on the IBT:

Listening 20    Speaking 20    Reading 18    Writing 18

           The IELT exam will not be used as an admission requirement to the Radiologic Sciences Program 

Special fees

  • Books: Approximately $700-800
  • Uniforms: Approximately $250
  • Clinical Data System: One-time payment of $150
  • Drug Screen: Approximately $25
  • Background Check: Varies based on number of prior residences, but approximately $50
  • Personal Medical Insurance: Must possess throughout program


Degrees, Minors, or Certificates

Course Listing

Faculty Listing

Radiologic Sciences Faculty
Cleveland, Donna G. Radiologic Sciences Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MED, University of South Alabama
Cooper, Catherine M. Radiologic Sciences Senior Instructor BSRS, University of South Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
Curtis, Mary A. Radiologic Sciences Instructor BSRS, University of South Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
Jalkh, Chucri M. Radiologic Sciences Senior Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
Manning, Jacob A. Radiologic Sciences Instructor BA, Auburn University
BS, University of South Alabama
MS, Northwestern State University
Smith, Melton D. Radiologic Sciences Senior Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MHAI, University of Phoenix