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Theatre Arts (BFA) - Performance Concentration

Majors in Arts and Sciences may be completed with a minimum of 120 semester hours unless designated otherwise. At least 30 hours of course work, which represents 25% of the required 120 hours, must be at the upper division level in order to fulfill the University's residency requirement. At least 15 of the 30 upper-division hours must be in the major or concentration area. An overall grade-point-average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for graduation. In addition, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in the student's major or concentration area.

General Education and Core requirements as listed here and other theatre courses as approved. In addition to the Theatre & Dance core requirements, an emphasis must be selected in either Acting, Tech/Design or Music Theatre. An additional six hours are required and may be selected from any remaining courses in Theatre & Dance. A minor may not be added to the BFA. Students wishing to complete a minor must pursue the B.A. option.

Course Requirements   Credit Hours
General education requirements for BFA    
Composition   6
EH 101    
EH 102    
Humanities   6
Dramatic Literature: EH 302, EH 322, EH 323, EH 460, EH 461, EH 462, EH 463, EH 472 or 390 w/ Drama Topic    
Natural Sciences and Mathematics   11
Select 3 hours: MA 110, or higher    
2 Lab Sciences- Lecture and Lab required (8 hrs.): AN 210, BLY 101, BLY 102; CH 101, CH 103, CH 131 or CH 141, CH 132 or CH 141, GEO 101, GEO 102, GY 111, GY 112, PH 101, PH 104, PH 114 or PH 201, PH 115 or PH 202    
History, Social & Behavioral Sciences   12
HY 101 and 102 or HY 135 and 136  6 hrs  
Two approved courses in Anthropology, Geography, History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology (AN 100, AN 101, ECO 215, ECO 216, GEO114, GEO 115, IS 100, PSC 130, PSY 120, PSY 250, SY 109, SY 112)  6 hrs  
Freshmen Seminar  
CAS 100 2 hrs  
BFA in Theatre Arts    
Dramatic Arts Core Requirements   34
DRA 100 Theatre Workshop: Rehearsal
and Performance
1 hr  
DRA 101 Theatre Workshop: Technical Production 1 hr  
DRA 103 * Theatre Symposium 4 hrs  
DRA 104 Fundamentals to Dance I 3 hrs   
DRA 120 Acting I 3 hrs  
DRA 130 Stagecraft 3 hrs   
DRA 131 Fundamentals of Lighting 3 hrs   
DRA 132 Costume Fundamentals 3 hrs  
DRA 150 Text Analysis 3 hrs  
DRA 210 Makeup 1 hr  
DRA 340 Directing I 3 hrs  
DRA 350 Theatre History I (W) 3 hrs  
DRA 352 Period Styles 3 hrs  
*DRA 103 is required every semester.    
Performance Concentration   51
DRA 100 Theatre Workshop: Rehearsal
and Performance
1 hr  
DRA 101/301
DRA 102/302 Theatre Workshop: Technical Production and Advanced Workshop: Technical Production OR 2 hrs DRA 102/302 Theatre Workshop: Special Activities and Advanced Workshop: Special Activities
1 hr  
DRA 220 *Stage Movement 3 hrs   
DRA 221 Voice for Actors 3 hrs  
DRA 323 Acting II: Scene Study in Realism 3 hrs  
DRA 300 Advanced Workshop: Rehearsal
and Performance
2 hrs  
DRA 420 Studies in Acting Styles (Variable-content)
(must include one semester of "Acting Shakespeare")
6 hrs  
DRA 321 Advanced Voice and Movement 3 hrs  
DRA 330
or 331
or 334 Scene Design or Lighting Design or
Costume Design
3 hrs  
DRA 351 Theatre History II (W) 3 hrs  
DR 480 Senior Capstone 3 hrs  
DRA 496 Theatre Internship 6 hrs  
Art and/or Music electives 3 hrs  
Additional elective hours in DRA 9 hrs  

Department of Theatre & Dance website

The programs are designed to provide students with a theoretical foundation and a practical proficiency in the arts of theatre.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) allows the student to gain a better understanding of the theatre, while the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) provides pre-professional training in the same field. Both include lectures, workshops, and practical experience in all phases of the theatre.

All first-time freshmen must successfully complete CAS 100: First Year Experience as a degree requirement. Students must enroll during their first term at USA, except for summer-entry students who must enroll in the fall semester following entry. DRA 150 will fulfill the technology proficiency requirement for Theatre & Dance majors.