BioImaging Core Facility

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The BioImaging Core Facility provides critical imaging and microscopy resources to investigators at the University of South Alabama.  The facility is located on the 3rd floor of the USA College of Medicine.  Equipment in the facility includes wide-field, line-scanning confocal, and spinning disk confocal microscopes, as well as spectrofluorimetry and laser dissection capabilities.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Dr. Mark Taylor, Ph.D. - Director

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Facilities and Equipment

Nikon A1R spectral confocal microscope

The Nikon A1R is a high-end laser-scanning confocal microscope equipped with a 4-channel traditional detection module and a 32-channel spectral detection module.  An environmental chamber is also available for time-lapse studies.

Nikon A1 Spectral Confocal Microscope

Leica TCS SP2 laser-scanning confocal microscope

Andor Revolution WD spinning disk confocal microscope

Andor Revolution WD Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

PerkinElmer Ultraview RS-3 spinning disk confocal microscope

Perkin Elmer Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

MMI laser capture microdissection system

Photon Technology International QuantaMaster 40 spectrofluorimeter