Primary Medical Provider (PMP) Portal

Primary Medical Providers (PMPs) can now view lab claims, filled prescriptions, emergency room visits, and other information on their patients at a glance using the new PMP Portal developed for Alabama Medicaid providers.

Designed by the Center for Strategic Health Innovation (CSHI) at the University of South Alabama (USA), use of the portal is free to PMPs.

▼   How to sign up

The Alabama Regional Extension Center (ALREC) team at USA is now available to assist providers in signups and using the new portal.

If you believe your clinical workflow could benefit from using the PMP Portal.

▼   Using the PMP Portal

The PMP Portal provides key information about the patient from Medicaid medical and pharmacy claims data.

Through the portal, providers are able to view patient information not available within the chart or EHR, such as:

  • Emergency department visits
  • Hospitalizations
  • Visits to other providers
  • Dates of lab work and imaging studies
  • Electronically complete referral and dismissal forms
  • Prescription fill history and medications prescribed by other providers
  • Access quality metrics for their own patient population