Additional Advising Support

Developmental Studies Students

Students admitted to the University through the Developmental Studies program must meet with Ms. LaDora Howard regarding any courses needed for remediation. Ms. Howard is located in the Alpha Hall East Building, Room 232, and can be reached at (251) 460-7155.

Developmental Studies students also are welcome to meet with an Allied Health advisor to discuss their chosen major and career goals.


Honors Students

Students accepted into the Honors College must complete a number of honors-designated courses to receive special Honors recognition at graduation.
Dr. Robert Coleman, Director, Honors College, can be reached at (251) 461-1637.

Your Allied Health advisor will monitor the honors requirements as you progress through your degree program, but close consultation with Dr. Coleman is strongly recommended.



As student-athletes plan their courses for each semester, they must consult with their Allied Health advisor as well as the athletic advisors available in the Athletic Department. Completion of an Athletic Advising form is required prior to each term to best satisfy degree requirements and to meet NCAA guidelines.