Minimum Requirements for Admission Fall term 2020

The candidate is expected to satisfy the following minimum requirements:
Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university by June 1, 2020
Minimum 3.0 (A=4.0) overall cumulative GPA
Minimum 3.0 GPA OT prerequisite courses
Minimum GRE scores of 290 on the combined verbal & quantitative sections, and 3.0 on the analytical section reported from the same test date and must not be more than five (5) years old
Minimum grade of “B” in the OT prerequisite courses (see list below)
Minimum of 25 Documented OT Observation hours (see required form)
International students must meet the minimum requirements for admission and apply to the University Office of International Services with certified translations of transcripts at least 60 days prior to applying to the occupational therapy program. International coursework must be evaluated by the USA Office of International Services to verify equivalency to USA courses. International applicants must have a TOEFL score = 100 on Internet based tests, OR iTEP Academic = 4.9, OR IELTS = 7.5, OR PTE Academic = 75.  Applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution are not required to submit TOEFL results.

View the transfer evaluation system to see how your classes will transfer.

Prerequisite Course Descriptions

Prerequisite Courses Required for ALL Applicants – completed by December 15, 2019
A grade of “A” or “B” is required in these prerequisite courses:

Developmental (life span) psychology (PSY 250)
Abnormal psychology (PSY 340)
Statistics (ST 210)
**Anatomy & physiology I (BMD 251)
**Anatomy & physiology II (BMD 252)
**Kinesiology (biomechanics) preferred / or physics with algebra/trigonometry (KIN 380 or PH 114) 

** These prerequisite courses must be taken no more than ten years prior to submitting your application. 
AP credit and CLEP scores are not accepted for any of the prerequisite courses.

EXTRA CREDIT POINTS are also given if the applicant has taken any of these additional courses and achieved a grade of “A” or “B”.  Courses used to fulfill prerequisite course requirements cannot also be used for extra credit.

  • Anatomy or Physiology (300/3000 level or higher) (BMD 311, 334, 335)
  • Exercise physiology (PE 476)
  • Adult Development & Aging (300 level or higher) (PSY 456)
  • Gerontology (300 level or higher) (LS 397, 479; SY 372, 472)
  • Diversity studies or cultural anthropology (AN 100; AIS 32; IST 210; SY 421)
  • Kinesiology (biomechanics of human movement) (KIN 380)
  • Physics with algebra/trigonometry (PH 114)


Minimum Requirements for ALL Applicants:

  1. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores must be officially submitted to the University by December 1st (Institution Code 2109).  GRE must have been taken within the last 5 years.  A minimum score of 290 on the verbal and quantitative, and 3.0 on analytical section is required.  You may not mix/match scores from different exam attempts to achieve the minimum total score of 290.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 (A=4.0) overall grade point average (GPA).
  3. Applicants must have a minimum grade of “B” in each of the prerequisite courses.
  4. Documentation of OT experience (25 hours minimum) under the supervision of a licensed occupation therapy professional.  Observation hours must be completed within two years of application to the program.
  5. International students must have a TOEFL score = 100 on Internet based tests, OR iTEP Academic = 4.9, OR IELTS = 7.5, OR PTE Academic = 75.   


Information and Instructions for the Applicant

You are encouraged to complete the application process early!

Occupational Therapy is a full-time graduate program that provides scientific evidence and clinical education needed for clinical practice. Course work and clinical fieldwork placements are full-time in nature. Students must be able to manage full-time clinical placements which are scheduled both on weekdays and weekends, between semesters and within semesters, not always following the academic calendar. Students should have the resources to commute to clinical placements that are not local to the Mobile area.

Students matriculating into and within Occupational Therapy will be required to have continuous health coverage and provide documentation of this throughout the program of study. Students are responsible for the cost of this health insurance coverage.

Students matriculating into and within Occupational Therapy will be required to complete background checks, drug screens, immunizations, and specific trainings at various times within the program and clinical fieldwork placements. We are unable to accept students into the clinical programs that are unable to sit for the NBCOT exam or achieve licensure in the US. Students are responsible for the costs of these.

The application period is July 18th – December 1st
**All applicants must complete OTCAS and Supplemental Application**

All applicants who have met the prerequisite requirements and wish to apply to the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program at University of South Alabama must complete and/or submit the following items by December 1st of the year prior to admission.

  1. OTCAS application ( show completed by December 1st.  OTCAS portal open in July each year.
  2. Supplemental Application uploaded to OTCAS by 5:00 p.m. December 1st.
  3. International students must apply with the University’s Office of International Services, with certified translations of transcripts by October 15 of the year prior to admission.
  4. A $75.00 non-refundable USA OT Dept. application fee, payable here > Application Fee by December 1st. A copy of your receipt must be uploaded to the OTCAS application no later than the December 1 deadline.
  5. OT experience minimum 25 documented hours, complete form with signatures and upload to OTCAS by December 1st.  
  6. GRE scores: All applications must submit official report of GRE scores by December 1st directly from the testing service to the OTCAS code: 2109.  Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing sections are utilized.  A minimum score of 290 on the verbal and quantitative, and 3.0 on analytical section is required.  You may not mix/match scores from different exam attempts to achieve the minimum total score of 290.  GRE scores must have been taken within the past 5 years.
  7. The Department of Occupational Therapy will not process any application that is incomplete (for any items noted above) or that is not submitted by the deadline. 
  8. A limited number of applicants who meet all admissions requirements will be invited for personal interviews.
  9. Preference MAY BE shown to Alabama residents, however, highly qualified out-of-state applicants whose academics and experiences indicate that they may be a success in both the program and the OT profession will be given the same consideration as residents. Residency and tuition info.
  10. Students accepted to the program must submit completed health and physical forms to include required immunizations.  Accepted students must also read, sign, and submit the Core Performance Standards document outlining fundamental tasks of which applicants should be capable upon entering the OT program.
  11. Acceptance into the OT program is provisional pending a clear background check, submission of required medical forms, and completion of bachelor’s degree by June 1, 2019.  Failure to maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or completion of bachelor’s degree will result in nullification of acceptance into the OT program.
  12. Accepted students must submit a $300 matriculation fee with the Statement of Intent to reserve a seat in the class, payable here > Matriculation Fee.  This fee is non-refundable and is applied to the student’s first semester tuition.  Students offered admission may elect not to pay the matriculation fee and be placed on the alternate list. 

Supplemental application must be uploaded in OTCAS, as well as signed OT experience form and receipt for $75 fee.

More information:

If you have further questions about the application process, please contact the OT Department:
Phone: (251) 445-9222


**PLEASE NOTE: A record of criminal charges, including misdemeanor and felony charges, may result in denial of access to fieldwork sites, inability to sit for the NBCOT board exam, inability to obtain a state license to practice, and/or limit job opportunities.

The University of South Alabama publishes certain crime statistics each year as required by the Jeanne Clery Act. This report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for the school. The policy statements address the school's policies, procedures and programs concerning safety and security. Three years' worth of statistics are included for certain types of crimes that were reported to have occurred on campus, in or on off-campus buildings and property owned or controlled by the school and on public property immediately adjacent to the campus. This report is available online at: /resources/fireandsafetyreport.pdf. You may also request a paper copy from the University Police office located at 290 Stadium Blvd.