Master of Rehabilitation Sciences in Occupational Therapy

Master of Rehabilitation Sciences in Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy offers a Master of Rehabilitation Sciences in Occupational Therapy aimed at providing future clinicians with robust practical learning experiences. This program does not lead to licensure in the United States, rather it is intended to support international clinicians wishing to gain further experience with a variety of disorders. Graduates will have a strong understanding of entry-level and advanced clinical services in a variety of healthcare settings, will produce evidence-based research contributing to the scholarly body of evidence in the field, demonstrate leadership skills that impact delivery of high quality care for patients, and develop skills needed to serve as a patient educator, clinical educator, and faculty member. Admission to the MSOT program is on a competitive basis.

The RSOT program is an in-residence program requiring 30 credit hours. The program runs August to July and is divided into three semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer). The RSOT program requires the following coursework:

Course Credit
RSO511 Human Motion and Movement Lab 2
RSO510 Occupational Therapy Foundations 3
RSO512 Environmental Adaptation and Rehabilitation Technology 3
RSO513 Neurological and Sensorimotor function part 1 4
RSO520 Rehabilitation 3
RSO521 Neurological and Sensorimotor Functions Lab- Part 2 3
RSO522 Biomechanical Function and Intervention Lab 3
RSO523 Rehabilitation and the Aging Adult 3
RSO530 Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning 3
RSO532 Psychosocial Interventions 3


Curriculum and Course Descriptions

Click below for the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences in Occupational Therapy Curriculum and Course Descriptions in .pdf format.

RSO Curriculum

RSO Course Descriptions