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Additional Department Fees

Students admitted in the Occupational Therapy program will be charged a matriculation deposit of $300 required to secure a seat in the entering class. This amount is not refundable but will be applied towards tuition expenses after registration. Students should be prepared for extra expenses associated with professional studies including books, local travel to and from fieldwork sites and out-of-town travel and living expenses during Level II Fieldwork assignments.

Special lab fees are assessed for the following courses:

OT 500 Occupation in Context $30
OT 504 Neuroscientific Basis of Occupational Performance 70
OT 510 Theoretical Foundations of OT 30
OT 517 Occupational Evaluation I 50
OT 520 Occupational Intervention I 50
OT 527 Occupational Evaluation II 50
OT 530 Occupational Intervention II 50
OT 540 Occupational Intervention III 50
OT 544 Musculoskeletal Assessment 30
OT 545 Scientific Inquiry II 25
OT 550 Level II Fieldwork (A) 5
OT 555 Level II Fieldwork (B) 5
OT 558 Technology and Environmental Interventions in OT 50

Additional Fee:
Resource Fee: $145 per semester