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Krisha Amin


Krisha Amin is an undergraduate senior majoring in biomedical sciences and philosophy. Krisha is an editor of South's JOURACA and has been a member of the Oracle staff for the past three years. She currently works at the USA Writing Center. When she is not working, you can find her journaling, watching movies, or attempting to cook something that will not taste good. She believes that her greatest accomplishment to date is being voted "Most likely to become a writer" by her elementary school graduating class. She's still working on that.

Roe Van Derwood

Managing Editor

Roe Van Derwood is an undergraduate student majoring in English and minoring in Gender Studies. They specialize in writing poetry and creative nonfiction/essays, with a focus on the lived experience of marginalized identities. Roe has worked on South's Oracle staff for several years, holds the presidency of South's premiere LGBTQ+ organization (USA Spectrum), and is a founding member of the Jag Writers club. You can usually find them at home with their dog (Tigger) and cat (Gymboree) or working in the Writing Center, but either way, they'll probably be spouting off about bookbinding, intersectional feminism, or why they love being queer. They hope to continue helping others prepare their writing for the world and one day be a content editor at a publishing house.

Alicia Myrick

Fiction Editor

Alicia Myrick is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in classics. She will graduate in May of 2020 and plans to continue her education with the University of South Alabama (Go Jags!). She is the fiction editor for the Oracle and co-president for the new creative writing club, the Jag Writers. She has fallen insanely in love with creative writing, particularly poetry, and spends a lot of her time dedicated to it and to her amazing daughter. She is also in like with coffee.

Lucy Lazaro

Assistant Fiction Editor

Lucy Lazaro is a California native and currently a post baccalaureate student at the University of South Alabama. She is pursuing her second bachelor's in English Literature with a concentration in Professional Writing. She obtained her first bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Chemistry with a concentration in Polymer Science. In her free time, she is a Ballroom and Latin dancer. Salsa and Tango are her favorite dances.

Abby Plowman

Non-Fiction Editor

Abby Plowman is an undergraduate senior majoring in English and minoring in Drama. She will be graduating in December of 2019. Her concentration area is Creative Writing, and she is primarily a fiction writer. She also has an interest in writing for the screen and stage. Her greatest professional goal is to make a career from fiction writing, but above all, her wish is to keep telling stories for the rest of her life.

Isabella Jetten

Assistant Non-Fiction Editor

Isabella Jetten is a writer, tutor, and senior at the University of South Alabama where she is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing. She is fine-tuning her own work and pursuing a career in teaching at the college level. Also an avid reader, artist, and movie buff, she loves art, from visual to literary, and above all, its ability to make an impact on emotional and societal levels. 

Emilie Biggs

Poetry Editor

Emilie Biggs is a second time senior and a double major in English and Marine Biology. From a young age, she would write short stories and poems for the pure enjoyment of creating and using her imagination. When she wasn’t writing, she could be found with her nose stuck in a book. As she grew up, her passion for creative writing was put on the backburner when she discovered a love for the ocean and its inhabitants. From sixth grade and onward, Marine Biology was her new passion and she came to the University of South Alabama to pursue what she thought was her dream. However, during her junior year of college, she was reintroduced into creative writing and quickly realized she could not keep her love for writing in the background any longer. She originally pursued a minor in English, only to realize with certainty a year later that Marine Biology was no longer what she wanted to pursue. In the midst of finishing her degree in Biology, she turned her minor in English into a major in Creative Writing. She is now an intern with Negative Capability Press and hopes to pursue a career in editing at a yet to be decided publishing company, upon her graduation next year.

Rebecca Davis

Assistant Poetry Editor

Rebecca Davis is a transfer student and Junior at the University of South Alabama, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Communications. She plans to pursue a career in editing and creative writing. She is proud to be a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, and she has had multiple poems and short stories published in journals across the country. Rebecca is also a classical ballet teacher, and she enjoys sushi, binge-watching The Office, napping, and traveling. She loves poetry because she feels that it is the most effective and concise way to express the inexpressible.