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Rachel Rhodes


Rachel is a second-year graduate student studying English literature. After graduation, she plans to attend a doctoral program in either comparative literature, media studies, or English literature with a focus on British literature and gender studies. The hope is to one day become a professor, as long as the job market holds up. She spends her “free time” trying to write, mutually outraging about politics with her husband, and instilling a healthy sense of feminist independence in her two dogs and muses—Piper and Callooh.

Alex Vazquez

Art Director

Alex Vazquez is a senior in our graphic design program. She began her undergraduate studies with an interest in pursuing a career in nursing. However, she promptly found herself torn between her creative tendencies and her interest in science. Eventually, and in part serendipitously fueled by her husband’s medical school coursework, she discovered that through graphic design she could engage both of these inclinations. She ultimately hopes to have a career in graphic design with clients in the scientific disciplines, especially in the publication and illustration fields. She aspires to pursue a Master’s degree and eventually teach at the undergraduate level.

Krisha Amin

Managing Editor

Krisha Amin is a sophomore from Gadsden, Alabama. She is a pre-med student by day and a visionary by night, majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in philosophy. The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and S-Town are some of her best friends. She invests her spare time to ridiculing Starbucks flavor trends, Donald Trump, and Buzzfeed quizzes that tell her what fruit she is (mango, just for your information).


Art Curator

This position to be announced.

Amy Patterson

Fiction Editor

At an early age Amy Patterson capitalized on her reading time by navigating busy school hallways with book in hand and hiding the book du jour in the pages of the math textbook during class.  She famously has no sense of direction which stems from her habit of reading in any moving vehicle.  As it turns out reading is beneficial to writing.  She earned a bachelor’s degree at The University of Texas at San Antonio where she studied creative writing with Heather Sellers.  In San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico where Amy lived for three years she wrote short stories for the local bilingual paper and landed her first paid writing gig with Fodor’s Travel Guides.  She is working on an MA in creative writing at the University of South Alabama and enjoys working at the Writing Center. When she’s not putting pen to paper or reading while walking she delights in spending time with her kids, Sophia and Leo, and hanging out with her wonderful tall man.

Abby Plowman

Assistant Fiction Editor

Abby Plowman is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing with a minor in Drama. She was the recipient of the second-place award in short stories and the third-place award in personal essays for the 22nd Annual MGCCC Writing Contest. Both winning entries were included in the literary publication, illumination. Her greatest professional goal is to make a career from fiction writing, but above all, her wish is to keep telling stories for the rest of her life.

Isabella Jetten

Non-Fiction Editor

Isabella Jetten is a student assistant and junior at the University of South Alabama where she is working toward a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing. She plans to pursue a career in editing, as well as having her own work traditionally published. An avid writer, reader, artist, and movie buff, she loves art, from visual to literary, and above all, its ability to make an impact on emotional and societal levels.

Lucy Lazaro

Assistant Non-Fiction Editor

Lucy Lazaro is a California native and currently a post baccalaureate student at the University of South Alabama. She is pursuing her second bachelor's in English Literature with a concentration in Professional Writing. She obtained her first bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Chemistry with a concentration in Polymer Science. In her free time, she is a Ballroom and Latin dancer. Salsa and Tango are her favorite dances.

Raven McShan

Poetry Editor

Raven McShan is a senior double majoring in Secondary Education and English with a French minor. She enjoys electro-swing music, Disney movies, and, of course, poetry. You can find her anywhere they’re serving potatoes in any form.

Shelby Baldwin

Assistant Poetry Editor

Shelby (Bee) is a double major in English and Spanish. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories, so she is very excited to work with the Oracle. She plans on pursuing her writing after graduation and try her luck at getting a creative job with Disney or Marvel. Her main goal is to write stories that kids can find comfort and/or inspiration in, especially since literature is what got her through some pretty rough times. After a small break, she plans to get her masters in English at South. When she’s not writing weepy poems, she likes to play video games or spend all her money on iced coffee, and when she’s not doing those, she is most likely napping. Some of her personal inspirations when she writes are Margaret Atwood, Stan Lee, Lemony Snicket, and Sylvia Plath.