Dr. Brian Axsmith

Dr. Brian Axsmith



Ph.D. 1998 - Botany
University of Kansas

Research Interests


Paleobotany & Evolution

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BLY 303 Ecology and Evolution 
Introduction to the fundamental concepts of ecology and evolution, with emphasis on their status as interrelated, central organizing principles of biology. Major topics will include community structure, biotic and abiotic interactions, mechanisms of evolution, adaption, and phylogenetics. Theoretical and practical issues will be addressed. Core course.

BLY 433 Evolution of Vascular Plants
A survey of the systematics, taxonomy, and structure of the major groups of vascular plants. Fossil plants (paleobotany) will also be covered where relevant. Many labs are outdoors and focus on plant structure and identification utilizing the rich local flora.

BLY 490 Paleobotany
The history of plants on earth from the fossil record with hands on labs and field trips. The students will get to work with very rare and important fossils including the oldest land plants, the old seeds and many others. Labs will include paleoenvironmental reconstructions techniques, and the use of fossils in phylogeny reconstruction.

BLY 485/585 Evolutionary Biology 
The study of mechanisms and historical patterns of evolutionary change in biological systems ranging from genes to phylogeny.

BLY 510 Professionalism in Science 
The overall goal for this course to convey expectations and important "survival skills" required to succeed in the competitive world of science. Emphasis is placed on grant writing, publications, tenure and promotion, collegiality, productivity creativity, building a CV, alternative paths, and achieving balance between the professional and private life.