Joel Borden's Research Area

My research interests involve amphibian/reptile (herpetofauna) and avian population/community structure within the northern Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem.  Research projects I have been involved in range from upland sandhills and slope wetlands to large, dynamic river delta systems and estuarine/barrier island herpetofaunal/avian community assessments in coastal Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. These projects involve a myriad of different objectives from endangered/threatened species population status (Alabama Red-bellied Turtle, Mississippi Diamondback Terrapin, Gopher Tortoise) to species inventories of selected management properties (Mobile-Tensaw Delta, Lillian Swamp, Grand Bay and Weeks Bay NERR) to environmental impacts of anthropogenic disturbances (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill). Current research projects include: Eastern/Gulf Coast Box Turtle population demographics within and surrounding the USA Campus, a continuous herpetofaunal & avian assessment of the Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail, ravine system dynamics within the Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain physiographic provinces of Alabama, and a long-term assessment of floral/faunal community structure and change within the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Recent Publications

J.A. Borden & C.S. Major. 2016. The Avifauna of the Lower Alabama River Area. In G.A. Waselkov, C.F.T. Andrus, and G. Plumb (Eds.), Overview of the State of Knowledge of the Natural, Cultural, and Economic Conservation Resources of the Lower Alabama River Area. University of Alabama Press.

G.J. Langford, J.A. Borden, D.H. Nelson. 2011. Ecology of the Eastern Ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus) in Southern Alabama With Evidence of Seasonal Multiple Broods. Herpetological Conservation and Biology. 6(3): 400-409.

D.H. Nelson, G.J. Langford, J.A. Borden, W.M. Turner. 2009. Reproductive and Hatching Ecology of the Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter (Pseudemys alabamensis): Implications for Conservation and Management.  Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 8(1):66-73.

J.A. Borden & G.J. Langford. 2008. A Simple Pitfall Trap for Sampling Nesting Diamondback Terrapins. Herpetological Review. 39(2):188-190.

G.J. Langford, J.A. Borden, C. S. Major, D. H. Nelson. 2007. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In Grand Bay NERR Site Profile eds. M. Woodrey, M. Peterson, and G. Waggy. Mississippi Dept of Marine Resources.

G.J. Langford, J. A. Borden, C. S. Major, D. H. Nelson. 2007. Effects of Prescribed Fire on the Herpetofauna of a Southern Mississippi Pine Savanna. Herpetological Conservation and Biology. 2(2):135-143.

G.J. Langford & J.A. Borden. 2007. Amphiuma tridactylum Cottonmouth Envenomation. Herpetological Review. 38 (2):173.

G.J. Langford & J.A. Borden. 2007. Regina rigida sinicola Diet. Herpetological Review. 38 (2): 210-211.

G.J. Langford & J.A. Borden. 2006. Thamnophis sauritus sauritus Maximum size. Herpetological Review 37 (1):95.

G.J. Langford & J.A. Borden. 2004. Mud snake (Farancia abacura) Courtship.  Herpetological Review. 35(4):400-401.

Joel Borden's Research Area


B.S., 1996 - Biology: Concentration in Marine Science
Jacksonville State University

M.S., 2006 - Biology
University of South Alabama

Research Interests: Effects of Habitat Change on Amphibian/Reptile and Avian Population Structure, Effects of Disturbance On Community Structure and Ecosystem Resiliency, Energy Flow Through Ecosystems, Trophic Dynamics

Phone: (251) 341-3093
Office: LSCB 120-B