Dr. Mary Kroetz

Dr. Mary Kroetz

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. -2008 - Cell Biology
Yale University

B.S. - 2001 - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Philosophy minor
Marquette University, 2001

Research Interests

Developmental Biology

For more details, go to her research page.

Courses Taught

BLY 302 Genetics (Spring)
An introduction to both classical and modern genetic concepts and theory, with an emphasis on problem-solving. Topics covered include Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, and evolutionary genetics. (Core course).

BLY 321 Genetics of Development (Spring)
An in-depth laboratory experience to determine the genetic regulation involved in organ development using the C. elegans model system. The research experience gained in this laboratory class is designed to generate novel results to ultimately be shared with the larger scientific community. Emphasis will be place on mastering experimental design and data analysis. Students will work together in laboratory groups to carry out experiments, to discuss progress and conclusions, and review the primary literature relating to the project.

BLY411 Developmental Biology (Fall)
A study of the principles that regulate the development of a complex, multicellular from a single cell with a focus on the underlying molecular mechanism and genetic regulation. Topics to be covered will include fertilization, differentiation, cell fate determination, pattern formation, organogenesis and regeneration. Particular emphasis will be placed on the experimental approaches, both historical and contemporary, that led to our current understanding of the development of multicellular organisms