The department sets, expects, and maintains high educational standards consistent with the needs of the students, region, and changing workforce. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing high-quality, innovative, and flexible educational opportunities and services in an accessible student-centered environment.

The department attempts to meet individual performance and career needs with a flexible curriculum. Students select one of the concentrations offered and confer with their advisors to plan their courses of study. These focused areas of study help to prepare students for several employment possibilities.

The concentrations of study offered in Communication are: Communication Studies, Digital Cinema and Television, Journalism (Multimedia Journalism and Broadcast Journalism), and Strategic Communication. Students pursuing a degree in Communication must also have a minor in another discipline.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Department of Communication is to provide economically and ethnically diverse students with core competencies, within the context of a broad liberal arts and sciences curriculum, which will prepare them to be independent, critical thinkers who uphold the highest ethical standards as communication leaders in a global society. 

For more information about the Department of Communication Strategic Plan click here.

Statement on Diversity

The Department of Communication is committed to preparing students to work in a diverse society. As such, our classes will include lectures and activities which promote an awareness of and sensitivity towards difference of race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age and disabilities. Such an environment will contribute to the growth and development of each member of the class, as it will encourage students to embrace diversity as a positive aspect of learning and scholarships.