Reginald Moody
Office Hours

CB RM# 210
T 10-11 &12-2, TR 10-11 &12-2
Ph: (251) 460-7966
Reginald Moody
Associate Professor, Department of Communication


Dr. Reginald F. Moody, associate professor, brings to the University of South Alabama 39 years of experience in all facets of marketing communication, including broadcast, print, public relations, and advertising management. His familiarity with the operational and editorial activities and orientations of all media has given him a unique insight into the crafting of successful communication programs.

Dr. Moody's experience includes work as a newspaper reporter, radio personality, talk-show host, news anchor, and advertising productions director in the Mobile and New Orleans markets. He has also held the positions as director of marketing communications and public relations in the healthcare and energy industries, with his most recent corporate involvement with Mobile Gas, as Director of Corporate Communications for 12 years. His research interests include effects of advertising clutter on attention, comprehension, and recall, and most recently concluded research on the viability of terrestrial radio in today's media environment, and writing style theory.

Dr. Moody received his B.A. from the University of South Alabama (1975); his M.A. in Corporate and Public Communication from the University of South Alabama (1995), and his PhD in Mass Communications and Journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi (2006).


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