Strategic Communication

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What is Strategic Communication?

Strategic communication is a concentration option for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Do brands in the digital age fascinate you? Students in the program study an integrated mix of advertising, visual communication and public relations to build proficiency in research, planning, data analysis, writing, creative problem solving, digital media and campaign execution. 

Careers in Strategic Communication

A degree in strategic communication can open opportunities for students to pursue careers in a variety of industries. Graduates typically land jobs as account executives, media planners, marketing and communication specialists, public information officers, public relations directors, brand managers and digital strategists. Many strategic communication professionals work for nonprofits, educational institutions, entertainment businesses, healthcare, agencies, private businesses, government organizations and more.

▼   Major Requirements
CA 101: Introduction to Mass Media
CA 220 (W): Writing Communication Media
CA 260: Digital Writing and Production
CA 300: Fundamentals of Communication Research
CA 445: Ethics and Social Responsibility
▼   Concentration Requirements

CA 224: Introduction to Strategic Communication
CA 321: Media Planning
CA 324 (W): Strategic Writing
CA 381: Strategic Publication Design
CA 485: Cases in Strategic Communication
CA 486: Strategic Campaigns or CA 487: Tideline Agency

Choose 3 classes from one of the following groups:

Group 1:  Advertising

A.  Account Management
     Required:  CA 384

B.  Visual Communication
     Required: CA 371, CA 471   

Group 2:  Public Relations

Choose 9 hours from any of the 300/400 level courses listed below.

Elective courses:
CA322, CA323, CA325, CA371, CA383, CA384, CA387, CA453, CA455, CA470, CA471,
CA474, CA496