MET Scholarships and Awards

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ExxonMobil Academic Excellence Award

Given to the graduating senior in the spring semester with the highest overall GPA and an exceptional record in meteorology.

2015-2016 Scott Elmore
2014-2015 Jesse Kelley
2013-2014 McKenna Stanford
2012-2013 Bradley Simpson
2011-2012 Trey Alvey
2010-2011 Corey Bunn 
2009-2010 Meghan Mee
2008-2009 Christina Holt
2007-2008  Chris Morris 
2006-2007 Tara Golden
2005-2006  John Walker 
2004-2005  Chris Dyke 
2003-2004 Chris Franklin
2002-2003 Jason Beaman
2001-2002 Patrick Gatlin
2000-2001 Richard Ernest
1999-2000 Jerry Killingsworth
1998-1999 John Haynes
1997-1998 Stephen Caparotta
1996-1997 Mike Garrison
1995-1996 Lynn Copeland
1994-1995 Steve Bennett

Synoptic Meteorology - Top Forecaster

Presented to the best forecaster in MET 455 (Synoptic Meteorology II).

2015-2016 Cameron Young
2014-2015 Cody Poche
2013-2014 Michael Brown
2012-2013 Logan Poole
2011-2012 Ryan Beesley
2010-2011 Amanda Billiot
2009-2010 Robert Frye 
2008-2009 Matt Grantham 
2007-2008  Daniel Lamb 
2006-2007  Kendra Bailey 
2005-2006  Michael Leach 
2004-2005 Michael Burnett, Adam Duncan
2003-2004 Jack Cullen
2002-2003 Jason Beaman
2001-2002 Matt Severson
2000-2001 Kristin Hurley
1999-2000 Jared Freeman
1997-1998 Chris Davis

Coastal Weather Research Center Outstanding Senior Award

Given to seniors in the spring semester with high overall GPAs and an exceptional record in meteorology.

2015-2016 Danielle Bobbin, Nicholas Grondin, Adam Olivier, Cameron Young
2014-2015 Alexandra Kabeiseman, Kelly Neugent

PowerSouth Energy Cooperatives Endowed Scholarship in Meteorology 

Presented to juniors with high overall GPAs and an exceptional record in meteorology.

2015-2016 Jonathan Chance
2014-2015 Kashawn Sinkler 

ExxonMobil Scholarship Award

Given to a junior-level student who has completed MET 355 (Dynamic Meteorology II) and has achieved a high GPA in all courses and in meteorology.

2015-2016 Samantha Lucey
2014-2015 Austin Clark
2013-2014 Shelby Graham
2012-2013 Michael Brown 
2011-2012 Sean Jones
2010-2011 Jessica Townsend 
2009-2010 Rebecca Lanier
2008-2009 Meghan Mee 
2007-2008  Christina Holt
2006-2007  Ronald Schumann
2005-2006  Tara Golden
2004-2005 John Walker
2003-2004 Michael Burnett
2002-2003 Jack Cullen
2001-2002 Jason Beaman

Dr. Bill Williams Endowment Scholarship

Presented to junior-level students who have completed MET 355 (Dynamic Meteorology II) and have achieved a high overall GPA and an exceptional record in meteorology.

2015-2016 Juliana Bayhi, Allison Buchanan, Damian Bonifay, Alysa Carsley, Tommie Owens, Meredith Wyatt
2014-2015 Danielle Bobbin, Scott Elmore, Nicholas Grondin, Adam Oliver, Kaia White, Cameron Young
2013-2014 Alexandra Kabeiseman, Jesse Kelley, Kelly Neugent
2012-2013 Catherine Chachiere, Kevin Gilmore, Robyn King, Megan Stackhouse, McKenna Stanford
2011-2012 Thomas Battle, Manda Cole, Jeremy Gonzalez, Carter Hulsey, Logan Poole 
2010-2011 Trey Alvey, Caitlin Fagan, Sidney King 
2009-2010 Amanda Billiot, Vanna Chmielewski, A.J. Eiserloh, Amanda Mundell 
2008-2009 Corey Bunn, Sarah Larson, Jaclyn Tisdale
2007-2008  Christina Holt, Jackie Rauch, Adam Rydbeck 
2006-2007  Todd Murphy 
2005-2006  Andrew Murray

Coastal Weather Research Center Service Award

Awarded to a person who has been active in supporting,  promoting and assisting the Coastal Weather Research Center.

2008 Jason Holmes
2007 E.A. "Bucky" Jakins, Jr. 
2005 Dr. Jeral Williams 
2003 Dr. David Johnson 
1999 Dr. Glenn Sebastian 
1997  Doug Butts 
1996  Adam Stevens 

Outstanding Contribution to USA Meteorology

Awarded to a student who has made an extraordinary effort to promote and assist the meteorology program.

2016 Cameron Young
2015 Patrick Bigbie
2014 Katlin Crooks, Robyn King