Nathan Poole

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Nathan Poole | Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Specializes in fiction.

HUMB 256  |  460-7417  |



Father Brother Keeper. A Collection of Short Stories. Sarabande Books, February 2015.

Winner of the 2013 Mary McCarthy Prize.

Pathkiller as the Holy Ghost. A Novella. University of Utah and McNaughton-Gun, April 2015.

Winner of the Quarterly West Novella Contest.

Selected Fiction

"Open Season." Ecotone, 2016.

"Exit Wound." The Kenyon Review, 2016.

"Alluvium: A Novel Excerpt." Narrative Magazine, 2016.

"Father Brother Keeper." Chattahoochee Review, 2014.

"The Strength of Fields." Narrative Magazine, 2014.

"Lipochrome." Four Way Review, 2014.

"A Map of the Watershed." Image, 2014.

"They Were Calling to One Another." Pacifica Literary Review, 2014.

"Swing Low Sweet Chicken Baby." NatBrut Quarterly, 2013.

"Mating Practices." Strangers Magazine, 2012.

"Stretch Out Your Hand." Narrative Magazine, 2012.

"Silas." Narrative Magazine, 2012.

"Raw Milk Fever." Drum Literary Magazine, 2011.

"It Could Even Be A Prize." Dugg Dugg, 2011.

"The Cane Brake." The Kenyon Review Online, 2009.

"This is the Main Problem." The Lumiere Reader, 2008.

"Thin as a Needle Loom." Loom, 2007.

Non-Fiction / Essays

"The Building Marked 1." Draft Horse: Journal of Work, 2016.

"The Building Marked 1: A Vision of Industry in the South." The Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design, 2015.


"Moira Angela Darling."

Indie Grits Film Festival. 2013 Official Selection. Winner of the "Young Grit" award.

Articles / Reviews

"Still All Honey: Tragedy in Robin McArthur’s Half Wild." Fiction Writers Review, 2016.

"Without Sanctuary: Aftermath in Contemporary American Fiction." Image, 2014.

"Sjon’s The Blue Fox." Orion, 2013.

"The Southern Subjunctive of Megan Mayhew Bergman." The Kenyon Review Online, 2013.