Mira Rosenthal

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Mira Rosenthal | Assistant Professor

Director of Creative Writing. Specializes in contemporary American poetry, comparative literature, and literary translation.

HUMB 277 |  460-6149 mrosenthal@southalabama.edu  |  mirarosenthal.com


Book (Poetry)

The Local World. Kent, OH: The Kent State University Press, 2011.

Books (Translation)

Różycki, Tomasz. Colonies. Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Brookline, MA: Zephyr Press, 2013.

Różycki, Tomasz. The Forgotten Keys. Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Brookline, MA: Zephyr Press, 2007.

Poems in Literary Journals (Selected)

"Swallow." Oxford American. [Forthcoming]

"The Very Idea of a Bridge." Massachusetts Review. v. 56, no. 3 (Fall 2015): 394-395.

"Visiting My Father's Childhood Apartment." Nimrod, v. 58, no. 2(Spring/Summer 2015):127.

"Maltodextrin Nocturne" and "Ancient Demesne." Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review 40 (Winter 2014): 35-37.

"The Leach Pond." TriQuarterly 146 (Summer/Fall 2014). Web 15 July 2014.

"Anxiety." PN Review 213, v. 40, no. 1 (Sept-Oct 2013): 30.

"Man Leans Forward," West Branch 67 (Fall/Winter 2010): 25-26.

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"He Studies His Anxiety." The Cincinnati Review 5.2 (Winter 2009): 56-57.

"from When You Are Foreign in a Foreign Country." Faultline: Journal of Art and Literature 17 (Spring 2008): 39-41.

"The Matter of the Pears," "4 A.M." Notre Dame Review 22 (Summer 2006): 111-114.

"Louchébème." Ploughshares 31, no. 4 (Winter 2005-06): 141-142.

"Sunflower." Seneca Review XXXV, no. 2 (Fall 2005): 77-79.

"Mysticism in the Dark," "A Curtain is a Window with Choice." The American Poetry Review 34, no. 5 (September/October 2005): 57.

"At the Estate Sale." Harpur Palate 5, no. 1 (Summer 2005): 78-80.

"Heat." Beloit Poetry Journal 55, no. 1 and 2 (Fall/Winter 2004/2005): 57.

Translations in Literary Journals

Huelle, Paweł. "Letter to a Young Poet." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Words Without Borders. Web. 1 September 2013.

Pietrek, Kira. [Four poems.] Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Spektra. [Forthcoming]

Różycki, Tomasz. "Aurora Fires" and "No News." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Stonecutter Journal 4 (2014): 98-101.

---. "But I Am Not Here." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Salamander 38 (2014): 10.

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---. "Slaves," "Great Whites and Cuttlefish," "Calico and Coral." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Copper Nickel 14 (2010): 155-157.

---. "Creoles, Mestizos," "The Road to India," "Cinnamon and Cloves," "Cape Horn." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Zoland Poetry: An Annual of Poems, Translations & Interviews, no. 4 (2010): 57-60.

---. "Ants and Sharks." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Academy of American Poets. Web. 20 Aug. 2009.

---. "Guest Post: Tomasz Różycki on 'Scorched Maps.'" Trans. Mira Rosenthal. PEN America Blog. Web. 13 July 2009. [Winner of the "Top Quark" Prize from 3 Quarks Daily]

---. "Scorched Maps." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers, no. 10 (2009): 65.

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---. "Totems and Beads," "Firewater," "A Crossing." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. AGNI Online. Web. 25 Aug. 2007. [Nominated for Best of the Web 2007.]

---. "Tropical Hurricane." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. PRISM International 46, no. 1 (Fall 2007): 41.

---. "Paradise Beach," "The Castle," "Second Hypothetic," "A Second Life." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Poetry Wales 42, no. 2 (Autumn 2006): 47-49.

Articles in Journals and Edited Volumes

"Polska szkoła poezji Czesława Miłosza w przekładzie na angielski" [Czesław Miłosz's Polish School of Poetry in English Translation]. Przekładaniec 25 (2012): 223-230.

"An Offering for You, for Air, for Fire: On Tomasz Różycki's Colonies." Zone 3 (Fall 2012).

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"O trzy kroki, pod próg: kulisy tłumaczenia poezji Tomasza Różyckiego" [Three Steps Forward, Under the Threshold: A Behind-the-Scene Look at Translating Tomasz Różycki]. Przekładaniec 13-14 (2004-2005): 123-137.


"The Languor and Airy Tenderness of Patrizia Cavalli's My Poems Won't Change the World." Kenyon Review Online. Fall 2015.

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"Alice Oswald's Memorial and the Reinvention of Translation." Kenyon Review Online. Web. 6 November 2013.

"The Voice Under the Voice of Every Casual Word: Tom Sleigh's Army Cats." Kenyon Review Online. Web. 27 March 2013.

Anthologies (Translation)

Bizio, Krzysztof. "Let's Talk About Life and Death." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. In Performance: An Anthology of New Polish Plays. Ed. Martin, Carol. London: Seagull Books. [Forthcoming]

Różycki, Tomasz. "Scorched Maps" and "Totems and Beads." Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Something Indecent: Poems Recommended by Eastern European Poets, edited by Valzhyna Mort. Los Angeles, CA: Red Hen Press: 174-5.

---. [Fifteen poems.] Trans. Mira Rosenthal. Six Polish Poets, edited by Jacek Dehnel. Todmorden, Lancs: Arc Publications, 2008.

Interviews Given

Perry, Nathaniel. "4x4." Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review 40 (Winter 2014): 105-107.

Medley, Mark. "The Griffin Prize Q&A: Mira Rosenthal and Tomasz Różycki." National Post, Thursday, June 5, 2014: B5.