Mission Statement

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Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program within the College of Arts & Sciences that is a collective of students, teachers, and researchers who focus on the dynamics of gender in our society. Our program serves a diverse university community as well as the larger Mobile community through a wide range of courses, public programming, and events as well as raises awareness of gender issues. Students who wish to take Gender Studies classes can find a variety of courses in thirteen different academic disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Whether you wish to just explore a Gender Studies topic of interest, or you wish to pursue an interdisciplinary minor, our program offers something for everyone. Gender studies courses examine contemporary and historical gender issues and gender theory, the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, class, and sexuality, as well as gender issues on a global level. Our program allows students to acquire depth of knowledge in specific areas of study with a focus on gender and/or gender theory and exposes students to a wide range of research skills and methodologies from across the disciplines.

The program also offers service learning and community internship opportunities which enables students to learn first-hand the ways in which academic life can enrich lived life through opportunities to turn knowledge into action and service, and model a positive leadership/service role for the University in the larger community. It aims to assist students in developing interdisciplinary skills, as well as in acquiring practical experience, in order for students to become problem solvers and critical thinkers who will creatively address contemporary gender related social issues in their professions.

The Gender Studies Program also encourages students to become actively engaged in gender-focused research, and provides numerous opportunities for students to interact with faculty members to discuss their own areas of interest. The program also stimulates and supports faculty research on gender.

The Gender Studies Program at the University of South Alabama promotes diversity on both a local and global level. Linking the University community to the broader local community, the program strives to enhance community members’ knowledge and understanding of, and active participation in, gender related issues. Finally, the Gender Studies Program supports intellectual inquiry and action through a variety of avenues that facilitate the larger and broader quest for social justice.