Department Committees

Policy and Planning

F. Pérez-Pineda (Chair)

Z. Khan, M. Marin, S. McCready, C. Rinne, H. Roddy – R. Robles-Valencia– (tenure track appointment)

Undergraduate Academic Standards

F. Pérez-Pineda

C. Rinne, Z. Khan, T. Rice (alt) + 2 non-voting upper division student members. Chair elected by committee.

Promotion and Tenure

Z. Khan (Chair)

M.Marin, S. McCready, C. Rinne, M. Marin, F. Pérez-Pineda, H. Roddy


S. McCready (Chair)

Z. Khan, F. Pérez-Pineda, J. Faile, H. Roddy, I. Brown


N. Gossett (Chair)

C. Rinne, K. Britt, K. Tsai


C. Rinne (Chair)

N. Gossett, M. Marin, R. Robles-Valencia,

Public Relations and Publicity

T. Rice (Chair)

K. Britt, J. Faile

Web Design and Update

Z. Khan (Chair)

J. Faile, R. Robles-Valencia

Assessments/ Goals and Objectives

M. Marin (Chair)

N. Gossett,, C. Rinne, T. Rice

Study Abroad, Foundation Award & Scholarships

H. Roddy (Chair)

N. Gossett, M. Marin, N. Gossett

International Film Series Committee

M. Marin (Chair)

N. Gossett,  R. Robles-Valencia, H. Roddy, K. Tsai

Ad hoc committees


N. Gossett (Chair)

S. McCready, C. Rinne, B. Whitener

Spanish Search

Z. Khan (Chair)

S. McCready, R. Robles-Valencia, H. Roddy,  B. Whitener