Fall 2015

Public Lecture

socrates lecture

Socrates' Esoteric Disclosure in Plato's Apology: revisiting the Meaning of Socrates' Having "No Wisdom Great or Small" 

Dr. Sarah Ahbel-Rappe

Professor of Greek and Latin, University of Michigan

Thursday, November 12 @ 3 pm, Student Center 212   

LRC Faculty Brown Bag Series

Robles BBS

Dr. Roberto Robles-Valencia   

Monstruosity and Excess in Recent Spanish Representation of the Precarious 

Wednesday, November 18th @ 3 pm, LRC

ter Horst BBL

Dr. Eleanor ter Horst

Twisted Sister: Nuns and Apparitions on the German-Polish Border

Wednesday, October 28th @ 12:15 pm, LRC

Eaton BBs

Dr. Christine Eaton 

Writing Behind Barbed Wires: Reading POW Newspapers 

Wednesday, October 7th @ 12:15 pm, LRC

Dr. McCready BBS

Dr. Susan Mccready

Naturalism, Modernism, And The Great War on Stage

Wednesday September 16th @ 12:15 pm, LRC z

Phi Sigma Iota Events

Listening Beyond the Accent Conversations

lba art

Focus: ART

A conversation with Dr. Matilde Tellaexte, glass artist from Spain and Dr. Jasmin Arakawa, pianist from Japan.

Wednesday, September 30th @ 3 pm, SC 205, 

LBA Series Food Flyer

Focus: Food

A conversation with the chef and co-owner of the Indian Restaurant Fusion of Flavors, and the Co-Owner of Pho 88, Vietnamese Restaurant

Wednesday, October 21st @ 3pm, Seamen's Bethel 

Foreign Languages Poetry Slam (FLAM)

Sonia Smith presenting in class
Foreign Language Poetry Slam (FLAM)

Friday, November 13th @ 5 pm
Seamen's Bethel (Honors Building)