Instructional Format

"إصلاح الموجود خير من انتظار المفقود"
"It's better to fix what you have than wait to get what you don't have."
Arabic Proverb

The LTLs Instructional Format  

  • LTls classes demand more autonomy, self-discipline and self-motivation from students than traditional classes since these classes are taught under a self-instructional format.
  • Students purchase a textbook (available at the USA bookstore) that is coordinated with audio and media materials. Tapes and compact discs will be provided by the Foreign Language Department office if not available for purchase. Students must study with these materials on their own, and the responsibility for learning rests entirely with the students.
  • Sessions leaders (or tutors) and not teachers conduct the LTLs classes. While the tutors are native speakers of the language concerned, they are not trained linguists. They conduct intensive oral drill sessions three hours per week.
  • LTLs instruction focuses primarily on the acquisition of oral and aural skills in the target language concerned. During the drill sessions, students will be drilled intensively in the spoken language in order to perfect their pronunciation, mastery of grammar, and listening comprehension. This is an essential part of the program. The final course grade for all languages will be determined almost exclusively on these two factors. We are less concerned with the written aspects of these languages, except when learning sounds includes learning a new alphabet—as is the case with Arabic—or when there is a character recognition component on the exams, such as with Chinese.
  • There will be two exams--a midterm and a final-- per semester.
  • Professionally qualified external examiners, certified by NASILP, administer the exams and grade them.
  • However, tutors may modify the exam requirements or timing as circumstances dictate. For example, the instructor may wish change the number and frequency of exams, or the number and sequence of assignments. There may be homework assignments and/or quizzes given throughout the semester
    as deemed necessary by the tutor. Moreover, there may be nontypical
    classes for which these requirements are not strictly applicable in each instance and may need modification. In the likelihood of any modification, the students will be given adequate notification. If such modification is needed, it must be in writing and conform to the spirit of this policy statement.