Effective Study Habits for LTLs Courses

"Chi dorme non piglia pesci" – "Those who sleep don't catch any fish." Italian Proverb

 A Successful LTLs Student: 

  • is highly motivated to pursue language study under a self-instructional format.
  • makes a sincere effort to learn as much as possible from the audio materials and texts.
  • listens to the audio materials for a minimum of one hour a day, seven days a week.
  • coordinates the listening exercises with the textbook.
  • attends the tutorial sessions regularly and punctually to practice and reinforces the audio and textual materials that s/he has independently studied at home.
    comes to the tutorial sessions prepared to practice the spoken language.
  • does not expect the tutors to teach what can be easily learned from the textbooks.
  • come prepared to hear the tutor conduct the class the target language and know that s/he will only resort to English to address genuine questions when the textbook in not clear.
  • attends class regularly and punctually and is aware that absences beyond the three permitted will negatively impact the final overall grade. 


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