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▼   Online Russian Language Courses

The Russian Language Program in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature at the University of South Alabama began offering Russian language courses online starting spring 2016. Russian faculty are offering a full year of Russian language online with LG 171 and LG 172 being taught during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Russian faculty are also working on blended and online Russian language courses past the first year for students unable to make it to campus. Anyone interested should contact Dr. Nick Gossett at

▼   New Intensive Courses Added for Russian

Recently, the Russian language program added a number of intensive courses to our course catalogue. LG 273 (Intensive Second Year Russian) and LG 373 (Intensive Third Year Russian) were added to get our students further along in the language in a shorter time period. This is a great option for students starting later in their academic careers or coming back for a second degree. LG 173 (Accelerated Introductory Russian), a 6-hour course, help complete the sequence of the basic Russian courses with LG 273 and LG 373 which prepare students to be successful at the advanced level of Russian courses. 

▼   Study Abroad - Russia Blog and Video

14 USA students traveled to Russia this summmer on the USA in Russia 2017 faculty-led program. Check out the blog here: 

USA in Russia travels to Russia every odd-numbered year. We will be traveling summer 2019! Anyone interested in studying abroad in Russia should contact Dr. Nick Gossett at 

See the video our own Bo Graham shot while in Moscow this past summer!

▼   Russian Faculty Wins Award

Ekaterina Zakharova, part-time instructor of Russian, received the prestious Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Arts and Sciences for her work on materials for the Russian language program. Ms. Zakharova is responsible for the creation of online course materials utilized in both online and traditional Russian language courses. Our students succeed in Russian thanks to her hard work and effort!

Ekaterina Zakharova teaching award

Welcome to the Russian Language Program at the University of South Alabama!

With over 155 million native speakers, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world and is listed as an official language in eight countries!

Russian is a rich language with a great and well-known literary history. Writers such as Chekhov, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy have not only shaped Russian culture but are world renowned for their works.

Today, Russian is a very important language globally as Russia is a major player in both economics and politics! The US government has listed Russian as a critical language and Russian speakers are in high demand in both military and civilian agencies in the US government.

The 21st century has seen Russia grow into a major player in the fields of energy and technology. As our world becomes more globalized, Russia will play a greater role in the world and the need for Russian specialists and professionals with knowledge of the Russian language and culture will continue to grow!

Russian has been taught at the University of South Alabama for more than two decades! USA Russian graduates have gone on to graduate programs, work in international companies, served as military attaches, worked as area experts in the US government, and received positions in academia.

USA is one of the only universities in the region which offers a major in Russian language and Literature as well as a minor in Russian! Faculty in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages as well as in the Department of History teach courses on Russian language, culture, and history.

Make your foreign language experience at USA as exciting and rewarding as possible by taking Russian! Sign up for LG 171 and start learning the Russian language!

Contact Dr. Nick Gossett at ngossett@southalabama if you have any questions about Russian studies at USA or about possible career opportunities!