Martin L. Rohling, Ph.D.

Martin L. Rohling, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology

Dr Rohling is not accepting graduate students for the 2018-2019 academic year
Research Interests
  • Head injury
  • Aging
  • Reliability and validity of diagnoses

Ph.D., University of Alabama         1991
Clinical Psychology
M.A., University of Alabama          1988
Clinical Psychology
B.A., Southern Illinois University   1984
B.S., University of Illinois                 1981
Mechanical Engineering

My research foci are neuropsychology, particularly head injury, aging, and reliability and validity of diagnoses. I teach undergraduate & graduate courses in psychological assessment, psychometrics, and clinical interviewing. In addition, I supervise graduate thesis research and undergraduate honors projects.

Highlighted Research

Larrabee, G. L., & Rohling, M. L. (2013). Neuropsychological differential diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 31(6), 686-701.

Hill, B. D., Rohling, M. L., *Boettcher, A. C., & Meyers, J. E. (2013). Cognitive intra-individual variability has a positive association with traumatic brain injury severity and suboptimal effort. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 28(7), 640-648.

Larrabee, G. J., Binder, L. M., Rohling, M. L., & *Ploetz, D. M. (2013). Meta-analytic methods and the importance of non-TBI factors related to outcome in mild traumatic brain injury: Response to Bigler et al. (2013). The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 27(2), 215-237.

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