Skills for Psychological Recovery

Brief Telepsychology Therapy for Stress Related to COVID-19

The USA Psychology Clinic is offering Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) Telepsychology consultation to help adults and children cope with anxiety and stress related to the COVID-19 crisis. This program is brief, lasting 1 to 5 sessions. All sessions will be delivered via Zoom videoconference.

How do I apply or refer someone?

Apply for Skills for Psychological Recovery

Who is appropriate?

Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) is designed to help adults and children cope with acute distress of the current COVID-19 situation, including problem-solving, social isolation, uncertainty, and anxiety. It is not intended to treat more chronic mental health problems.

What is involved?

Clients will meet with therapists via video for 1-5 sessions to focus on skills that have been found helpful in a variety of stressful or traumatic situations. These skills are especially relevant to helping individuals cope with the stress, uncertainty, and social isolation that the COVID-19 emergency presents. Skills include problem-solving, positive activities scheduling, managing reactions, helpful thinking, and building healthy social connections. Research suggests that a skills-building approach is more effective than supportive counseling. SPR is appropriate for developmental levels across the lifespan, and is culturally informed. SPR aims to facilitate recovery, support functioning, and prevent behaviors that make things more difficult.

Who is providing the services?

SPR will be provided by graduate student clinicians under the supervision of licensed psychologists. A limited number of clients with private insurance may be seen by licensed psychologists.

What is the cost?

For clients without insurance and clients seen by doctoral student trainees, the fee is $50 for up to five sessions.  Need-based fee assistance and scholarships are available.