Students performing in a play
Scholarships, Assistantships, APO, and more...

Departmental Financial Aid

The USA Dept. of Theatre & Dance offers a limited number of scholarships and assistantships, each with their own criteria and requirements. The Laidlaw Trust provides funds for both Acting and Design Scholarships. Additionally, specialty awards also exist through endowed scholarships. For more information contact Dept. Chair, Dr. Lars Tatom, at tatom@southalabama.edu, or get more information on all university scholarship opportunities at:



Theatre USA presents a season of four productions annually, two in each semester. Auditions are always open to all USA students, and occasionally to the public.

Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester for that semester's two shows, traditionally in the evening of the first day of classes. Different shows have different auditions requirements, but all generally include a prepared monologue and call-backs later during the audition week. For more specific information, contact the department in the weeks prior to auditions.

Alpha Psi Omega (and Jesters)

Alpha Psi Omega, the national Theatre Honor Fraternity, was founded in 1925, and now has well over 500 chapters (called casts) across the country, making it the nation's largest honor society. The USA cast, Chi Omega, was founded in the mid-1960's, not long after the founding of the university.

The USA Jesters is the department's theatre club. Membership is open to any USA student, and members can work towards membership in APO. 

Between both groups, a variety of service projects, theatre trips and events, and other activities add to the health and welfare of the program.

Job Openings

USA's Theatre & Dance Department continually accepts applications from local artists for adjunct positions. Minimum requirements include a graduate degree in the field. For more information, please contact Dept. Chair Dr. Lars Tatom at: tatom@southalabama.edu.