Associate Dean

There has never been a better time to consider a career in the field of education!
We are committed to fulfilling our vision of becoming “an exemplar for preparing high quality professionals who are committed to maximizing the potential of every citizen to participate fully in a global society.” 

The College offers more than 60 certification programs from bachelor’s degrees through doctoral degrees. In addition we off a growing number of education-related programs that are outside of the public school arena. In each program area, the Associate Dean works with the College’s academic departments, with program faculty, and with external partners to facilitate opportunities for our students and faculty to explore, refine, meet, and exceed their professional goals.

Student Support and Academic Activities

The administrative offices supervised by the Associate Dean focus on student support and academic activities in the College. That is, the offices of Student Records, the Advising Center, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the Office of Field Services have unique roles and responsibilities that facilitate the support of our students at each phase of their work within the College.  Academic affairs include support related to College and program accreditation, faculty, and the Office of Academic Assessment.

Establishing and maintaining professional relationships between our faculty and local school districts, community representatives, and Alabama Department of Education personnel has been critical to the success of the College. Through these collaborative efforts, we continually refine our programs to prepare exemplary professionals.

The quality of the educational experiences we provide to our graduate and undergraduate students (candidates) and in faculty support is inextricably linked to fulfilling our vision — in recruitment, clinical experiences and in our reputation as a quality preparer of educators. The culture we create within the College, both in the classroom and in our clinical settings, defines us. The Associate Dean bears a great responsibility for helping to create that culture.

Additionally, the Associate Dean works to:

  • support program development and implementation
  • nurture student life in academic and professional settings
  • represent the College effectively to schools and to our other key partners
  • work with Dean and Chairs regarding the tenure and promotion process
  • support departments in recruiting and mentoring new faculty
  • coordinate the editing of College publications
  • support standing committees in the College
  • serve as liaison for alumni of the College
  • interact with Chairs and program coordinators on curricular matters and scheduling of classes.