Student and Staff Marshall Information

Date:                  Saturday, May 9, 2020

Arrival Time:      1:30 to 1:45 pm

Location:             Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Building, East Gym


Time Line:           1:45 - 2:30 pm - Students start lining up

                            2:30 - 2:40 pm - Final lineup check

2:45 pm - Procession to the Mitchell Center

3:00 pm - In position at northeast portal

  • Upon arriving at the East Gym, obtain your information packet at the Marshal table.
  • Report to your group location in the East Gym by 1:45 p.m. Each group will be identified by signs.
  • It is extremely important that you stay with your group until the lineup is complete and the procession out of the gym begins.
  • Students participating in convocation will pick up their reader card beginning at 1:45 p.m. in the West Gym of the HKS building and then report to their assigned group in the East Gym.
  • The reader will be available in the West Gym to address any concerns regarding the pronunciation of a student’s name. Send students with these concerns to the readers’ table. The readers will make the pronunciation notations on the cards.


Processional from HKS Building 
Processional begins at 2:45 pm

M1 will lead Groups 1 and 2 and M2 will lead Group 3 (right line).
M3 will lead Group 4 and M4 will lead Group 5 (left line).

  • Both lines will proceed down the HKS south corridor to the sidewalk along the outside of the Mitchell Center to the northeast door of the lower level to meet the College Gonfalonier and Dean.
  • Inclement weather will alter the route to the Mitchell Center and you may need to leave the gym earlier. You will be notified of any changes.


Processional into the Mitchell Center Arena 

  • The College Gonfalonier and Dean will process to the platform. M1 and M3 will proceed to the first row of the arena and face the incoming candidates. M2 and M4 will lead/help the candidates row by row to their seats.
  • Right Side: The PhD and EdD will be seated in row 1. The graduate students (Master’s) will be seated in rows 2 (HKS and CINS) and 3 (LTE). CINS and HTM students will be seated in row 4 and INGS students in row 5. M1 will identify row entrance by a color coded card designating the row by degree type or department. M2 will stand at the end of the row while directing students to walk toward the outer end of the row. M2 will then go to the third row and direct those students to the end of row 3. This continues until all students are in place.
  • Left Side: While the students on the right side are being assisted to their seats, the left side will do the same. HKS students will be directed to rows 1 and 2 and LTE students to rows 3 and 4. M3 will identify row entrance for HKS and LTE by a color coded card designating the row by department. M3 will count 25 students on each row before beginning the next row. M4 will stand at the end of the first row and direct students to the end of the row, then go to the second row and direct those students to the end of row 2. This continues until all students are in place.
  • After the students have been assisted into their rows and seats – they remain standing as the faculty processes into the arena. The Faculty will process in and go to their assigned seats on the stage.
  • M1 and M2 will sit on right side row 6, seats 1 and 2 and M3 and M4 will sit on left side, row 5, seats 1 and 2.


Preparing to Lead Candidates to the Stage

  • Students on the right side will exist to the outside aisle and go to the stage. All rows on the left side will exit to the outside aisle and go around the back of the arena seating to the stage.
  • Marshalls must make sure the students have their reader card before they reach the ramp


Leading Candidates to the Stage

  • Right and left sides will process from the outside aisles. Students in the last seat on the outside aisles will lead their rows to the stage when directed by the marshals. Marshals will oversee the movement to and from the stage and assist as needed and direct students returning from the stage back to their respective rows. It is imperative that the students move at a steady pace. All students will return to their seats down the center aisle.
  • Marshalls will have students stand a row at a time and will judge when to release the rows according to the pace.
  • Direct students to the stage beginning with right side row 1 and proceed to row 5. Then left side beginning with row 1 and proceeding to row 4.
  • Doctoral candidates will process to the stage with their major professor who will carry the candidate’s doctoral hood. The student will hand their reader card to the reader. Both student and professor will stop at the reader’s podium as they are introduced. Then the student and professor will move halfway between the two podiums and the professor will hood the student. The candidate and faculty will be congratulated by the Dean and Associate Dean, Director of Graduate studies, Department Chair, and administrative and/or trustee representatives (doctoral candidates will receive their diploma and engraved case at University Commencement).
  • Staff Marshalls will be located and will assist in the movement of students to and from the stage:
    Entrance to ramp (check to ensure students have reader cards).
    Top of entrance ramp (direct students on the ramp platform to the red line in front of the reader’s podium; adjust pace as needed).
    Exit ramp (assist students leaving the stage; remind students to return to their seats down the center aisle).
    Left-side back, outside aisle (direct students from the left side to the right side to the stage).
    Right-side back, outside aisle (direct students from the left side up the right side to the stage).


Duplicate Reader Cards

If a student does not have a reader card as they approach the stage, direct them to the duplicate card table located at the bottom of the ramp.

  • The student will be given a duplicate reader card and return to the line going up the ramp.  The student may not return to his/her seat to retrieve a forgotten card.
  • Do not stop the line from moving up the ramp while the student is getting his/her duplicate card. The student will simply join the line after receiving their card.


The university is now partnering with GradImages Photography as the official photographer. Please be aware that you will see more photographers on the arena floor. This will not interfere with, or add to, your duties.



  • Recessional order is Platform Party, then students.
  • Marshals will start recessing the students once the Platform Party has passed the last row of students.
  • M1 and M2 will resume their positions in the front to oversee the recessional and will direct the students, beginning with row one, out the center aisle. They will follow the last row of students out of the arena.



  • You will receive instructions if there are any students who require accommodations.