Susan P. Santoli, Ph.D.
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Susan P. Santoli, Ph.D.
Director of COE Graduate School; Professor, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education
Social Studies Education, Teacher Education, Collaborative Teaching

B.S., History, Oklahoma State University, 1973
M.S., Regional and City Planning, University of Oklahoma, 1975
Ph.D., Curriculum and Teaching, Auburn University, 1997
Teaching Philosophy
Because I work with pre-service and in-service teachers my overall goal is to prepare them to be effective classroom teachers who are able to actively engage diverse groups of learners. It is essential that I model exemplary practices both in how I teach and what I teach. It is also essential that I remain a learner as I constantly seek research based best practices to demonstrate to my students and to require them to practice among their peers and in field based or classroom experiences. I believe students should be active learners and my assignments generally ask students to engage in performance based tasks that they will, hopefully, be able to use in their actual teaching. I am aware, as I teach each class, that I have the potential to impact not only the students in my classes, but the secondary students who will be in my students’ classes as well.
My research is focused on methods and activities to promote quality teaching in the social studies. One area of my research is the development of visual literacy through the integration of visual arts and social studies. I have a book chapter, several published journal articles and many presentations based on this concept. Additionally, I am also involved in researching the use of primary sources in the social studies and have received two grants to support my research in this area. As a member of the Social Studies Inquiry Research Collaborative (SSIRC), I participate in collaborative research with college and university faculty across the United States who have joined together to study the effects of challenging, authentic social studies instruction on student learning and performance. Two publications and several presentations have resulted from research conducted by the SSIRC.
I am involved in community outreach through activities in various schools, such as at Davidson High School, where I serve as a judge for their Senior Projects night and at Phillips Preparatory School, where I serve as a judge for their History Day projects. I also offer professional development to in-service teachers through grants, SARIC presentations and workshops, and through Arts in Education.
I am originally from a small town in Oklahoma. I attended both Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma, which can be a little dysfunctional while watching college sports. I was unsure what I would do with my degrees, but I told my parents that one thing I was sure of-that I would never be a teacher! I moved to Mobile in 1975 and got my teaching certificate as a “back up” until another job came along. Forty years later, I long ago quit looking for that other job!! Before coming to U.S.A., I taught middle and high school social studies for 20 years. My husband teaches and coaches men’s varsity golf at a local PK3-12 school. I have an adult son who is in the Coast Guard and we enjoy visiting his wife and two daughters, and him as they move around the country. In my spare time, I love to travel, read (anything history related especially), play handbells, think about new ideas to incorporate into my classes and spend time with family and friends.




EDU 340 - Fundamentals of Teaching
EDU 457 - Teaching Social Studies
EDU 467 - Internship - Social Studies
SED 552 - The High School Curriculum.
SED 555 - Curriculum and Teaching in Secondary Schools
SED 557 - Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools
SED 562 - Trends and Practices Teaching Social Studies
SED 596 - Internship in Secondary Education, Social Studies