Educational Studies Program

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"What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Educational Studies B.S.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Studies prepares individuals to work with children, adolescents and adults in a wide variety of non-traditional educational settings, such as education departments of hospitals, correctional institutions, zoos, museums, places of workshop, mental health facilities, non-profits, and more, where teacher certification is not required.

Program Description:

  • Educational Studies is a 120-hour minimum, non-certification program that prepares individuals to deliver educational experiences in non-traditional settings.
  • In addition to the General Education courses required for all U.S.A. students, the program requires a 41 hour Educational Core focusing on human growth and development, diversity, principles of designing instruction and effective communication in groups.
  • Students will declare a minor from any offered by U.S.A. (18-21 hours). Minors are currently offered in the Colleges of Allied Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Education, Computing and the Mitchell College of Business.
  • Students will select from one of four Areas of Concentration (15 hours): Arts Education, Disability Studies, Language and Literacy or Teaching and Learning.
  • Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for designing effective learning environments and delivering instruction in a variety of settings. Through classroom instruction and internships, this program builds the foundation for working effectively in non-classroom based, educational programs.

The program requires students to complete internships in approved community non- profits, businesses or facilities which relate to their individual areas of interest.

What Could I do with a Degree in Educational Studies?

Many occupations include a concern for education. This degree does not lead to teacher certification but focuses on learning and learning environments in non-traditional educational settings within the wider community. 

Some Educational Studies majors do decide to enter the teaching profession. The U.S.A. College of Education offers alternative and innovative master’s degrees and Educational Studies graduates would be welcome to apply.