Interdisciplinary Studies Program Overview

IST Overview

About the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

Many problems that we face in our world today are too broad or complex to be solved by a single approach.  Interdisciplinary studies is a way for groups and individuals to draw-on and integrate multiple insights and perspectives to analyze problems.  This allows us to apply that understanding to find a creative and innovative solution to real-world problems. 

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed to give students a variety of options for earning a bachelor’s degree tailored to their educational, career, and personal goals. 



A concentration is related to a particular educational and career emphasis. There are seven concentrations which a student may consider:

  • Administrative Sciences (B.S.)
  • Applied Sciences (B.S.)
  • Applied Arts (B.A.)
  • Community Services (B.A.)
  • Human Services (B.A.)
  • Liberal Studies (B.A.)
  • Professional Development (B.S.)