Interdisciplinary Studies (IST) Degree Structure

General Education

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree includes a broad base of courses in four general areas of study (41 credit hours):

  • Area I: Written Composition (2 courses)
  • Area II: Humanities, Fine Arts, Literature, and Oral Communication (4 courses)
  • Area III: Laboratory Sciences and Mathematics (3 courses)
  • Area IV: History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (4 courses)


General Competencies

The Interdisciplinary Studies program requirements ensure that graduates develop the following skills: leadership, information literacy, cultural competency, communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.  This translates to success in our modern workforce which is increasingly technologically advanced, globally-oriented, and culturally diverse.  

The below courses prepare students for today's workforce (15 credit hours):

  • IST 302 Interdisciplinary Critical Thinking
  • IST 320 Cultural Competency
  • IST 330 Analytical and Information Literacy 
  • IST 350 Advanced Verbal and Written Communication
  • IST 495 Professional Leadership and Teamwork



Each student collaborates with an IST Academic Advisor to design an individualized 30 credit hour program of study. 



A maximum of 31 credit hours of elective courses are required. IST students may also elect a minor as part of their degree (fulfilling the minor requirement via the electives area).


Capstone Course

Students complete a Senior Research Thesis or Internship.


A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.