Prospective Students

South Alabama Collage

You Make the Choice

The interdisciplinary approach allows you to become skilled in multiple fields, so you can gain the competitive advantage and obtain a career of your choice.

One of the primary strengths of an Interdisciplinary Studies graduate is their ability to design a program of study that is unique to their interests.

Students integrate knowledge from different areas of study to effectively problem solve.  You decide on courses to include in your customized degree.  By building a foundation of interesting courses, the result is a major that fits your lifestyle and career goals. 


A World of Opportunity

Combine your education with your previous work and life experiences. Take free electives and explore different possibilities, opening yourself up to a world of opportunity. Then, discover not only what you enjoy, but also the areas in which you could see yourself excelling, and perfect skills with practical applications. 

You could explore an exciting career in a field that suits you. The possibilities are limitless, so apply today to get started.