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Dr. Maulding-GreenCongratulations to Dr. Wanda Maulding-Green on her publication with Dr. Ed Leonard the manuscript "Leadership Intelligence: The Journey to Your True North."  As the publisher says, "Much like Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Maulding-Green and Leonard have, in Leadership Intelligence: The Journey to Your True North, postulated a theory regarding the age old question, ‘are leaders born or are leaders made?’ This theory is predicated on the idea that there is a genetic predisposition toward leadership via the vehicle of imprinting.

The five critical factors which undergird the tenets of Leadership Intelligence, are delineated and developed through the lens of the soft skills of a leader. There is further clarification as to why some leaders seem to have ‘a greater intensity’ of these factors than their peers.

To aid the reader in relating to the theory, a conceptual model based on a GPS is threaded throughout each chapter interweaving both examples and understandable content. The model relates keeping the organization moving in a true north fashion. The final chapters reveal how a leader can develop or enhance these skills and how he/she can avoid leadership derailment, due to neglecting them."

Congratulations, Stan!

Dr. Stan Stokley

Congratulations to Ed.D. Leadership student Stan Stokley on the successful defense of his dissertation. The title was School Leadership Traits that Impact Teacher Motivation. Pictured below (left to right) are Dr. Milner, Dr. Khalsa, Stan, and Dr. Styron (Chair).

Way to Go, Will!

Dr. Will Duncan

Congratulations to Will Duncan on the successful defense of his dissertation. The title was Improving Intrinsic Motivation in Students: Leadership Practices and Strategies. Pictured below (left to right) are Dr. Morton, Dr. Khalsa, Will, and Dr. Styron (Chair).

Congratulations, Kevin!

Dr. Kevin BaliusCongratulations to Kevin Balius on the successful defense of his dissertation. The title was Student Engagement and Technology Integration. Pictured below (left to right) is Kevin and Dr. Styron.