RN to BSN/MSN Pathway

The College of Nursing has a special Online Pathway for Associate and Diploma prepared Registered Nurses to attain the Master of Science Degree in Nursing. All coursework is completely online and all clinical requirements can be completed in your home community.

Online classThe Online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway is divided into two specific phases. Registered Nurses seeking admission into this particular track must qualify academically for admission to this track, by having completed all (19) specified undergraduate pre-requisite courses that are required for the BSN degree. Importantly, all applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on all academic coursework ever attempted in college. The cumulative GPA for each student is calculated and determined by the USA Office of Admissions, upon application for undergraduate admission to the University. All course attempts for each course attempted are calculated in the overall GPA by the USA Office of Admissions.

Registered Nurses who are seeking a BSN, who do not meet the above specific academic requirement of an overall GPA of 3.0 should consider the Online RN-BSN Track offered by the USA College of Nursing, to obtain the BSN. For specific admission requirements for the Online RN- BSN Online Track:

Online RN to BSN Pathway  for Associate Degree & Diploma Nurses

Registered Nurses who have a Bachelor Degree in a subject other than Nursing should also review the RN-MSN program option for the Master of Science in Nursing:

RN-MSN for RN's with a Non-Nursing Bachelor's Degree

Residents of South Dakota and New York:

Prospective Applicants from South Dakota and New York must first contact the RN-BSN Advising Office PRIOR to beginning the Nursing Application Process for this online nursing program.

Phase One of the Online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway :

This is the Undergraduate Phase and all students enroll in the Professional Component of the BSN curriculum, to first earn the BSN. Enrolled students are classified as undergraduate students and all must complete a total of 31 semester hours in Phase One to first earn the BSN.

NOTE: All 31 semester hours must be completed at the University of South Alabama. Upper division nursing courses taken at another institution will not transfer or apply towards the 31 semester hours required for the BSN by the USA College of Nursing.

At the successful completion of Phase One, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is awarded.

Phase Two of the Online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway :

As the student nears completion of their BSN at USA, qualified students who plan to advance to Phase Two, the Graduate Phase, are required to submit the "University of South Alabama Supplemental Application" by the posted graduate application deadlines.  Contact the Graduate Nursing Academic Advising Office at congrad@southalabama.edu or 251/445-9400 to obtain the "USA Supplemental Application" for Phase Two Admission. NOTE: Students enrolled in the RN-BSN/MSN Pathway are NOT required to submit the NursingCAS application for Phase Two.

During Phase Two, students may select a specialty component for the curriculum to prepare for a career in the following: Clinical Nurse Leader, Executive Nursing Administration, Nursing Informatics or Adult/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialty.  

IMPORTANT: Students who wish to pursue a Nurse Practitioner Specialty at USA during Phase Two MUST have an overall GPA that is competitive for admission into that specific Nurse Practitioner Specialty.  Additionally, the student MUST have a minimum of TWO years of clinical experience in the patient population for the specified NP specialty prior to beginning clinical nurse practitioner specialty courses.  

Please feel free to contact the Graduate Nursing Academic Advising Office regarding specific questions regarding admissions requirements for USA's Nurse Practitioner Specialty Programs (congrad@southalabama.edu or 251/445-9400)

MSN Admissions

During Phase Two, students enroll in coursework required for the specific MSN pathway they are admitted into, by the Graduate Nursing Admissions Selection Process.  At the successful completion of the required graduate nursing coursework in Phase Two, the Graduate Degree is awarded.

Information for Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions for online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway

Timeline for RN's Planning to Apply to the RN-BSN/MSN Program

RN-BSN/MSN Nursing Application Packet & Application Deadline Information

Prerequisite Course Requirements for Admission to the Professional Component

Nursing Course requirements in the Professional Component of the Online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway

Health Requirements for students who are admitted into the Professional Component

2018-2019 Booklist for currently enrolled RN-BSN/MSN Students

Requirements For Admission to the Online RN-BSN/MSN Pathway Phase One:

1. Apply for Undergraduate Admission for the same semester you plan to begin the Professional Component for Phase One. You should apply as a Transfer Student, majoring in Pre-Nursing on your Application for Admission.

2. Submit the RN-BSN/MSN Application Packet by the posted deadline, with the $50 Nursing Application Fee

Application Deadlines for Phase One:

    • April 1 for Fall Semester
    • August 1 for Spring Semester.
    • Late Applications are accepted, based on space availability.

3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on all academic coursework ever attempted, as determined by the USA Office of Admissions
4. Minimum University GPA of 3.0.
5. Completion of all nineteen pre-requisite undergraduate courses for the BSN degree, with minimum of “C” or higher.

Note: Prospective students MUST have all (19) college courses completed PRIOR to beginning the Professional Component of the RN-BSN/MSN Track. You may complete these in your hometown area, at an accredited institution and transfer these (19) college courses to USA.

6. Submission of all required medical information and evidence of health insurance.
7. Evidence of CPR certification.
8. Admission will be contingent on a negative drug screen and no adverse findings on a background check. Admitted students will be sent information for completing the requirements. Students are responsible for costs related to the required admission background check and drug screen.
9. Completion of an accredited diploma or associate degree in nursing and a current registered nurse licensure with no restriction. Restrictions include participation in voluntary discipline programs.
10. Students are responsible for all costs related to monitoring/proctoring tests and identity authentication when required by a course.

Health Requirements

Students accepted into this BSN program in the College of Nursing are required to complete all requirements under Medical Documents Manager as listed on the Health Requirements Webpage at http://www.southalabama. edu/colleges/con/clinical/ healthrequirements.html.  All requirements should be completed no later than one month prior to the first day of classes for the professional component.  Students are not required to order a Castle Branch account until they have been accepted into the professional component. 

Contact Information

Dr. Pam Johnson - Program Coordinator 
Email: pamjohnson@southalabama.edu

Leigh Holland - RN-BSN Academic Advisor
Email: lholland@southalabama.edu