Carolyn Dolan

Community/Mental Health Nursing

Research Interests
  • Controversial NP Practice Situations Involving Moral, Legal, and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Child Abuse, Specifically Sexual Assault and Long-term Health Consequences
  • PTSD and Sexual Assault
  • NP Employment Contracts
  • Trauma Informed Societal Policy Initiatives
  • Prevention and Treatment of Rape Trauma Sequelae
    Health Literacy
  • Innovative Solutions to Underserved Populations’ Special Holistic Needs
  • New Treatments for Hepatitis C

Ongoing Research/Faculty Practice Support
  • Primarily, I mentor USA graduate and doctoral students through my own faculty practice with the CON and VHP. USA students in addition to other university graduate students participate in obtaining internal medicine and primary care clinical hours in an ambulatory practice setting where I have established my own clientele/patient load and work collaboratively with physicians, dentists and allied health partners. VHP provides a medical home to patients from ages 19-65 in the greater gulf coast region that are medically uninsured with a variety of healthcare needs. At VHP, I have established my own research interest that informs my practice. In addition, I collaborate in the clinical education of USA medicine and allied health students who are assigned hours at VHP on an ongoing basis. Compensation toward my salary support equivalent to 12 months of grant support year round is awarded to the university including my unique clinical schedule with professional accountability that is year round. At VHP, I am available to students across a wide spectrum and its unique clinic setting provides rich research opportunities for multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary departments (and colleges).
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  • Juris Doctorate, Faulkner University, 2003
  • MSN, University of South Alabama, 1995
  • BSN, Auburn University Montgomery cum laude, 1993
  • AD, ASN Polk College, 1977

Specialized Training

  • Certificate, Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2003, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training, 2015, 1999 Emergency Nurses Association (CEN), 1986-1991, American Association of Critical Care Nurses (CCRN), 1984-2003, ACLS Instructor, 1982-1998, BCLS Instructor, 1985-1990, BTLS, 1992-1995, TNCC,1987-1991, ENCC, 1999-2007

Selected Publications
  • Dolan, C., (February, 2017). Moral, ethical, and legal decision-making in controversial NP practice situations, TJNP, Vol. 13, February Legal/Policy Issue, e57-65.
  • Dolan, C. & Raber, M. (December, 2017). The np's response to child sexual assault disclosure, The NP, Vol. 42 (12). 18-26.
  • Dolan, C., (November, 2017). Understanding employment contract: What to know before you sign. The NP. Vol. 42(11). 44-49.
  • Brown, L. & Dolan, C., (February, 2016). Employment contracting basics for the nurse practitioner, JNP, Vol. 12 (2). e45-51.
  • Dolan, C. & Farmer, L., (February, 2016). Let the record speak: The power of the medical record. TJNP, Vol. 12 (2). pp. 88-94.
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Graduate Courses

  • Currently all FNP clinical practicum courses (previously CMN 569 now 573, 575, 576). In the past the entire FNP curriculum.
  • CMN 568 Introduction to Family NP
  • CMN 571 Health Promotion/Disease prevention & Issues for Family NP
  • CMN 572 Family NP I
  • CMN 573 Family NP Practicum I
  • CMN 574 Family NP II
  • CMN 575 Family NP Practicum II
  • CMN 577 Family NP III 3 hrs.
  • CMN 576 Family NP Practicum III
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Honors and Awards
  • 2018, President-The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA)
  • 2017, We are South, Unit Campaign Manager Baldwin County (100% participation)
  • 2014-current editorial board, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners (TJNP)
  • 2017, President Elect, TAANA
  • 2016-current, Governor’s Task Force for A.G.’s Revision of State’s Protocol on Sexual Assault Response
  • 2015-current, South Alabama representative for Alabama Chapter/International Association of Forensic Nursing (AL-IAFN)
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