Engineering Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

How to Apply

The College of Engineering has one general application that needs to be completed for the majority of scholarships awarded through our college.  This one application will let you be considered for all eligible scholarships awarded by our scholarship committee.  Each scholarship has its own specific requirements (major, GPA, class status, financial need, leadership, etc.).  Note: these awards are only for currently enrolled undergraduate students.

The application is available online through USA's Office of Scholarship Services' Jag$POT.  Click the link below to apply!


If you have questions about setting up your Jag$POT profile or about our university scholarship policies, visit the Office of Scholarship Services

When to Apply

The deadline for 2019-2020 Academic Scholarships is Friday, January 31, 2020.

The Jag$POT application for the College of Engineering is available at the beginning of Fall Semester and will remain open until the second Friday of February.  The application is for scholarships awarded the following academic year. 

Scholarships Available

There are over 40 different scholarships available through the College of Engineering for our current students.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many individual and industry partners give to the College of Engineering in the form of scholarships for our students.  Here is a list of some of our available scholarships:

Airbus Americas
Air and Waste Management
Alabama Power
American Society of Civil Engineering
B. Keith Harrison
Baldwin County Road Builders
Boise Cascade
Canoe Crew of 1988
Engineering Alumni Society
Douglas Engineering
David R. Dunlap, Jr.
Evonik Industries
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Jim & Diana Laier Scholarship
Joseph M. Olsen
Laura Christine Prine Memorial
Mobile Area Council of Engineers / Raburn
Mobile Oilman's / John Stark
National Association of Women in Construction
Parish Scholarship
Reece & Rose Miller
Richard C. Messmer
Ronnie L. Stallworth
TAU ChE, Ted Huddleston Memorial
Volkert, Inc.
Warren Nicholson
Wynne and Katherine Fuller


Additional College of Engineering Scholarship Opportunities

Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Sophomore (Application due April 15) - Apply through Jag$POT

Putcha Family Senior Design Project Endowed Award (Awarded to ChBE Senior Design Winners)

Graduate Student Scholarships

Please see your department for graduate student scholarship opportunities.

External Scholarships

There are also several scholarship opportunities that come from outside the College of Engineering.  Information about these will be sent to your JagMail by Nani Perez Uribe or your specific department, depending on the scholarship.

Be on the lookout for information about the following throughout the school year:

Alabama Space Grant (Deadline to apply is February 25, 2019)
American Council of Engineering Companies of Alabama
American Public Works Association
AT&T Internet Education Award 
Pat Piercy Scholarship
Tau Beta Pi Fellowship