D.Sc. Program in Systems Engineering

D.Sc. Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for the D.Sc. Program in Systems Engineering include a minimum of 67 graduate credit hours, up to 30 credit hours of which may come from an M.S. degree with the approval of the student’s committee.

Once accepted into the program, you will be required to acquire a total of 37 credits – post Master’s degree. The student is required to successfully complete the core systems engineering courses which are intended to help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for systems engineering. During this course of study, you are considered a doctoral student.

SE 601 - Systems Engineering Fundamentals 3 credits
SE 606 - System Architecture and Modeling 3 credits
SE 602 - Risk and Failure Analysis 3 credits
SE 603 - Integration, Test and Evaluation 3 credits
EG 501 Research Integrity and Ethics 1 credit
Two electives 6 credits
Doctoral Research 18 credits

Required Examinations in this program have two parts. There is a written component, and an oral component to each. These exams will be discussed in detail later in this handbook. The exams are:

  • Qualifying Exam: Written and Oral
  • Proposal Defense: Written and Oral
  • Dissertation Defense: Written and Public Oral Defense

If you enter the program with only a Bachelor’s degree, you will be required to obtain another 30 credits from the USA course catalog. Your course of study will be guided by your doctoral advisor.