LINK Student Spotlight

Josh Marshall

Joshua from Hurley, MS graduated from the BSME program with a 3.8 GPA, and is currently continuing into the MSME program.  He started in an algebra class at a community college 5 years ago, and claims that anyone with enough ambition can achieve the same level of success!

He suggests there are two important things to do at the community college: get a good GPA, and make a serious effort to master mathematics, to truly understand the principles behind these courses.  "I definitely hit the mark on understanding the mathematics early on, and I entered engineering courses with a significant advantage over those who didn't take Calculus and DE seriously."

At South there is a significant spike in coursework difficulty and workload. He handled it by getting his work done - no matter what, including spending Saturdays doing homework/projects, while maintaining a solid sleep schedule.   He suggests that there will be times when you have to put something off to get work done, but you'll improve.

In short, expect the transfer to South to be a change of pace and difficulty, but not impossible. Come with a serious mindset and find that extra level of determination to get a grip on some engineering courses. "I've seen some guys really struggle early on, but their grit got them through the spots where others failed out."  If you're willing to put the work in, you'll be fine.