LINK Student Spotlight

Josh Marshall

After receiving an associates degree, Cindy worked for several years as a secretary for a structural engineering firm and then almost a decade as a stay-at-home mom.  Cindy - a wife and mom of two from Spanish Fort, AL - jumped back into school in 2010 to pursue a degree in civil engineering. 

Cindy began her return to higher education by completing her math and science prerequisites at Faulkner State Community College, then transferred to South Alabama in 2012 as a USA-Link Scholar.  She worked very hard at FSCC to maintain a high GPA, knowing that any scholarships received would be extremely helpful for her family.  

What was her biggest challenge when transitioning to a four-year institution?  For Cindy, it was the course load.   Graduating with a degree in engineering takes a lot of hard work and determination.  Cindy's words of wisdom are to "form study groups. They are definitely essential to doing well."  She also stresses the importance of getting to know your professors, and she wants you to know "they are there to help you with any difficulties in school or life - they want you to succeed."

As a student at South, Cindy had the opportunity to do summer internships.  This past summer, she worked as an intern for the Corps of Engineers in Mobile, and she plans to continue working at the Corps upon her graduation in May.  These internships also helped her know engineering was the right career choice for her.

Her final piece of advice: "Make sure you allow enough time to get your work done and study, but have a little down time so you don't get burned out."  During her time at USA, she attended athletic events and volunteered for STEM related community events such as BEST Robotics and Worlds of Opportunity.  And because of her outstanding academic performance at Faulkner and South, she was invited to join Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.