Alumni Fellow Program



  1. To stimulate greater activity and identity between prominent alumni and the University community, faculty, students, and administration.
  2. All recipients are expected to attend the Mitchell College of Business Induction Ceremony and participate in the academic events in the College, such as speaking to classes, addressing the MCOB student body, and participating in Professional Readiness Engagement Program events. The Alumni Association will refrain from dictating a format; it is recommended, however, that the MOCB Dean will plan a full itinerary involving the award recipient in contexts to provide robust opportunities for exposure and interaction.

The Program

The MCOB Alumni Fellow Program, which began in 2017, is designed to invite Alumni Fellows, prominent and outstanding leaders in their fields, to return to the Mitchell College of Business to lend their expertise through informal contacts with students, faculty, and administrators of the College. A Fellow need not be a graduate of the Mitchell College of Business when the College wishes to sponsor an individual whose professional accomplishments have broad appeal to the faculty and students in the MCOB. The period of the Fellow’s stay may vary from two or three days to a week, depending on the wishes of the college. Fellows will be asked to participate in classes, informal discussions, and public lectures. Frequently, Fellows debunk cherished myths and often they hand out practical advice on how to acquire skills and fulfill one’s career objectives. Sometimes they turn students around and point them toward unconsidered goals. Unfailingly, Fellows stimulate thought, debate, and action.

Alumni Fellow Nomination Form